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Do you workout at home? There's a smart mirror for that

Come face-to-face with a trainer in your lounge

Carla Challis
Commerce Partnerships Editor
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In the gym, you often workout in front of a mirror; they're not only useful for checking your form, but for checking out your Sweaty Betty leggings and Lulumelon vest too. If watching yourself is the one thing missing from your at-home workout, then praise the fitness lords that be for Mirror, a smart mirror that's going to show you your form and a whole lot more.

The interview Mirror lets you come face-to-face with a trainer, who can take you through a whole timetable of classes from cardio to barre, Pilates to boxing, all of which you can tailor to your own fitness levels and goals. The trainer will even give you shout-outs to keep you motivated and real-time instructions, so you don't slack off for a snack. You can even train live with other members of the community and earn points from wearing a heart rate monitor that tracks your activity.

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The catch? It's not cheap - the Mirror just went on sale for $1,495 plus a $39 monthly subscription. But it does have at least 50 real-time sessions streaming a week plus a catalogue of workouts for the days you want to do get fit at midnight or squeeze one in before breakfast. Selfie fans will love that the Mirror has their selfie needs covered, with a built-in camera so you snap away as you squat. The product is the brainchild of Brynn Putnam, a former professional dancer in the New York City Ballet who opened a chain of fitness studios. She says the idea was born out of her own lack of time to get to the gym, and she started to think about ways in which she could workout at home as well as you can in a fitness studio. So while it might not have quite the same atmosphere as a busy HIIT class and might mean you have to rearrange your living room every time you want to sweat, it could be the future of exercise.

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