Gordon Ramsay's wife Tana reveals what it's really like now 3 of their children have left home

The celebrity chef was left with empty nest syndrome after his children left home

Gordon Ramsay previously admitted to being a "mess" after his twins Jack and Holly left for university in September, even resorting to wearing his son’s underwear in an unusual way to feel close to him. But his wife Tana has revealed that their children have actually been home more often than expected – although they may have an ulterior motive for doing so.

Speaking to HELLO! along with youngest daughter Tilly to support Boots’ flu campaign, Tana said: "The house is very quiet today as Gordon is away filming so it’s just Tilly and I this week (along with the three dogs) but Jack and Holly are both home this weekend and I can’t wait to see them! We are lucky as they seem to be choosing to come home most weekends although that’s probably so I will do their washing!"

Tilly is the only of Gordon and Tana's children still living at home

The mum-of-four also revealed how she is keeping her family healthy through the winter – starting by taking 16-year-old Tilly to get a flu jab. "So far Tilly is the only one to have had the flu vaccination but once the kids are home from university I’m making sure they get one too. I’m not sure they’re eating properly or getting enough sleep so probably need all the help they can get to stay healthy!" Tana told HELLO!.

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With two chefs in the family, it’s no wonder the family also enjoy some hearty food throughout the winter. However, it’s not one of Gordon’s recipes that Tana loves to cook! "My grandma’s chicken soup is amazing so simple so full of flavour and so yummy," the 44-year-old said. "Everyone loves a long slow cooked stew and with gorgeous roasted vegetables. However sometimes if you want something light nothing beats a crispy duck salad."

Tana revealed one of her favourite winter recipes isn't by Gordon

The family will be able to spend some quality time together over Christmas when Megan, Jack and Holly return from university, with Gordon and budding chef Tilly taking over the kitchen to cook a delicious Christmas feast. Tana revealed of their plans: "Christmas in the Ramsay house is always a noisy chaotic time but I love it! Gordon tries to engage all the children in dinner prep on Christmas Eve so we can really enjoy the time together on the day after a leisurely breakfast usually cooked by Gordon and Tilly. The kids are older now so it’s more precious to get family time together as they are often out with their friends."

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Following on from their recent Big Chef, Little Chef series on This Morning, Tilly – who is currently studying for her A Levels - also revealed she wouldn’t rule out working with her dad again in the future. "I love working with my dad, we have so much fun although sometimes he gets bossy and annoying!" Tilly told HELLO!. "The children we worked with for This Morning were lovely, I really hope we helped them with their cooking. We’ve just finished filming the new series of Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch and that will be back on the BBC early next year."

Tilly and Tana Ramsay are working with Boots UK to encourage parents to take their school-aged children aged 10+ to get vaccinated against flu this autumn.

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