Exclusive: Gordon Ramsay reveals the impact denying his daughter an iPad had on her life

And it was very positive!

Gordon Ramsay is a doting dad-of-four, and his youngest daughter Tilly, 16, is following in his footsteps and into the kitchen – having been cooking since the age of six. It sounds like Tilly is giving Gordon a run for his money too, as he opened up about working with her to HELLO! at the Michelin Star Awards on Monday night while chatting in the Nespresso bar. "She's only 16, she started cooking when she was six so whilst all their mates were getting iPads and iPhones I bought them onions and so they understand not to waste food. She will be picking my eyes out one day I am sure," he added of Tilly's enthusiasm for cooking.

Gordon Ramsay taught his children to cook from an early age, including budding chef Tilly

The Hell's Kitchen star also revealed that Tilly isn’t afraid to give him advice in the kitchen. "I tell her Tilly, I am your father not your sponsor. And she says right dad, what about this caramelised onion, that's a little bit dark for me, I say it looks burnt." Gordon and Tilly worked together over the summer on This Morning's Big Chef Little Chef, and it sounded like it was a lot of fun! "It was really good working together in the summer on This Morning. With the problems with childhood obesity today we have to get through to the parents, so Big Chef, Little Chef was great to help give kids more confidence in the kitchen," Gordon explained.

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Gordon was speaking to HELLO! at the Michelin Star Awards, where he presented two stars to royal wedding chef Clare Smyth

Gordon is dad to Tilly, as well as Megan, 20, and 18-year-old twins Holly and Jack, who he shares with his wife Tana. Gordon stressed the importance of cooking in schools compared to other subjects, explaining the many skills it offers. He said: "I saw the stress that Jack was going through during his A-Levels in Latin and I said 'look when are you going to use Latin' and he said he wasn’t, so I told him not to worry. The cooking platform gives you the social skills and makes you well rounded."

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It was a special night for Gordon, who presented the Michelin stars to all the talented chefs, including his own protégé Clare Smyth, who was awarded two stars for her first solo restaurant, Core by Clare Smyth. "It's a fascinating insight just to see the levels of success tonight. It's an amazing celebrating the best talent in Britain," Gordon said of the night, which was sponsored by Nespresso. "It’s amazing. Celebrating the best of British and long may it continue, he added.

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