Gordon Ramsay reveals the unusual way he keeps son Jack close after he left home

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Gordon Ramsay has resorted to an unusual method to remembering his son and "best mate" Jack after he left home for university. The celebrity chef, who previously admitted to suffering empty nest syndrome after his twins moved out in September, opened up about how he copes with missing the teen during an appearance on James Corden's Late, Late Show.

"I went to Jack's bedroom last weekend and I opened the door; his socks and pants are there. Five minutes later, I am wearing them. He is the same size," Gordon said. "All mine were in the bloody wash… so I put them on and just sat on the bed thinking, 'Damn bud I miss you'… seriously."


Gordon Ramsay admitted to wearing his son's underwear after he left home

Gordon previously admitted to being a "mess" after his 18-year-old twins Jack and Holly left the family home for university in September. While Jack is studying down in Exeter, Holly is moved into university halls in London. The chef and wife Tana's eldest daughter Megan, 20, is studying in Oxford, leaving only their youngest daughter Tilly, 16, at home.

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Speaking of the moment he dropped the twins off at their university halls of residence during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Gordon said: "Tilly, Tana and myself took Jack down to the college last week. Man that was hard. We put him in his little room, left him some fettucine and pasta for him to cook, student food. Left him there and I got in the car and I was a mess. My best mate has just left me. And then the next day we put Holly into University. I was like, 'Man this is tough!'" As to what he'll do when 16-year-old Tilly also leaves home? "I'll cry," he said.


Gordon and his wife Tana have four children together

Gordon has a close bond with all four of his children, and often says that his lookalike son Jack, 18, is his best friend. And it appears the feeling is mutual; in a sweet post previously shared on Instagram by the teenager, he said his dad was his "best mate".

STORY: Gordon Ramsay admits to being a mess after children left home

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