Fitness resolutions you'll actually stick to in 2019

How to make 2019 the year you achieve your fitness goals

Following the indulgent festive season, many of us will have resolved to become fitter and healthier in 2019, with the intention of making big lifestyle changes in order to achieve our goals. However, setting goals which are unrealistic or so extreme can actually be detrimental to our health, and also set you up for failure. We asked Jade Pearman, F45 UK Head Trainer (, to share her expert tips on the best way to get in shape, and make 2018 your best (and fittest) year yet.

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1) Be prepared: It's never too early to start making changes and begin planning. My motto is 'fail to plan, plan to fail'. Ensure the goals you set yourself are realistic, take the time to carefully think about what your goal really is, so you have a clear understanding and are therefore more likely to reach it.

2) Find your 'why': Understanding your 'why' is your most powerful motivator. Your 'why' could be your desire to improve your health so you can be a better role model to your kids and the people around you. Being able to identify your true 'why' will give you the drive and motivation to see it through. This can be tough, but once you dig deep and find your true emotional trigger this will become your ultimate driving force.

3) Focus on how far you've come: Try not to just focus on the end goal. Aim to find something you love, so you stay motivated and dedicated along the way. Too often I hear from clients that they are 'not losing fat fast enough' or 'it's just not happening'. Yet upon further questioning and probing it becomes clear that they've come a long way in their fat loss process. They just can't see it or acknowledge it. Appreciating the journey you are on, and not just looking towards the end goal, is key to staying on the right track.

4) Allow yourself a 'treat meal': Don’t be too hard on yourself!  Allow yourself a 'treat meal', rather than a 'cheat meal'. The word cheat can have a negative connotation and a certain level of guilt attached to it, whereas the word 'treat' reinforces that you have earnt a reward for all your hard work, efforts and commitments.

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5) Mix up your diet: Most diets are simply 'restricted plans', and they assume that you are either on or off with no allowance for mood, variability, energy levels or life. Serial-dieters spend so much time and energy focusing on the things that they can't have, that they end up binging on the forbidden 'fruit' with vengeance, which immediately brings on a mind-set of failure.

To be successful with your fat loss it is important to adopt a new lifestyle as opposed to a diet. Eating for fat loss and good health is a way of life – not something that you are temporarily 'on' or 'off'.  Try to follow a balanced and healthy way of eating, incorporating all the main food groups, such as the F45 eight week Body Transformation Challenge, which gives you your own personal nutritionist to help you achieve your health objectives, whether it is to reduce body fat, get leaner, feel better about yourself, or a combination of each. The daily meal plans help keep your nutrition on the right track in the most fun, healthy and maintainable way. Coupled with regular high intensity exercise, such as F45 group exercise sessions, this will help you effectively reach your goals.

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