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Naomi Campbell's diet secrets! Plus the workouts the 48-year-old swears by

Spoiler: She sometimes eats chocolate and crisps…

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Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Naomi Campbell joins Gemma Collins on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday evening - could this be a budding BFF relationship, we wonder? Move over Kate Moss, the GC is ready to take your place. On the show, which airs on Saturday evening, the 48-year-old supermodel dodges questions about her rumoured relationship with Liam Payne, but she does talk about how she keeps fit, telling Jonathan Ross: “I keep fit, I got into keeping fit in 2017, I really got the bug. I don’t go into the gym and do machines, I do circuit training and boxing. Before then, nothing.”

naomi campbell jonathan ross

Naomi laughing with Gemma Collins on The Jonathan Ross Show

It's not the first time she has spoken about how she maintains her killer bod - in an interview with W Magazine back in 2016, Naomi said: "I take care of myself, eat well, try to balance what I put in my body. I stay away from sugar and drink lots of water." The model also likes to juice: "We travel and eat so many different things that is important to just drink juice two days a week, once a month or so, to cleanse yourself, rebalance, and clean the blood."

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She also told Harper's Bazaar in 2014 that "the first thing I do [in the morning] is have hot water with lemon and probiotics. I've never drunk coffee; I don't like the smell. I'm a tea drinker. If I need it I will have one cup of green tea. I'm into herbal tea."

In the same interview, the model revealed she's a vegetarian, saying: "I never thought I would [go vegetarian]. It was just something I decided to do. I don't know how long it's going to last, but I just feel lighter and easier."

naomi campbell wedding

Naomi Campbell attending the royal wedding

Exercise-wise, Naomi loves to work out, revealing that her favourites are Yoga and Pilates, but there's something she doesn't do. "I don’t lift weights. I like working with the resistance of my own body weight," she revealed.

Don't worry though, she does have some vices, telling The Edit: "I'm not extreme about what I eat - I let chocolate and crisps come in. You just have to allow the little things that make you happy."

And if you think you might find her in your local Fitness First, think again! Back in May 2018, she told E! News: "I work out, but not [at] a regular type of gym—no machines. I can't go to a regular gym. They make me nervous."

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