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De-stress with rapid tapping: expert Poppy Delbridge shares a special routine with HELLO!

Ready for Thanksgiving chaos? Try rapid tapping - the new wellness craze that reduces stress in minutes 

Rapid tapping expert Poppy Delbridge says her routine will help you feel less stressed in minutes
Donna Francis
Donna FrancisContributing Editor US
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This time of year is filled with stress, seasonal havoc and relational tension (cue agitated parents, sibling rivalry, inebriated uncles and tons more kids). But by simply following a quick and easy routine that involves tapping your face (yes you read that right!) you can feel less stressed and happy in minutes.  

Rapid tapping expert Poppy Delbridge explains: “Rapid tapping is an antidote to Thanksgiving tiredness and tribulations so you can have your happiest, most grateful time. It takes just 2 minutes and helps you to feel more centred and less stressed.” 

Rapid tapping expert Poppy Delbridge shares her exclusive Thanksgiving tapping routine with HELLO!© GARY FITZWATER
Rapid tapping expert Poppy Delbridge shares her exclusive Thanksgiving tapping routine with HELLO!

Here’s a special Rapid Tapping x HELLO Thanksgiving routine from Poppy 

Place your hands on your heart, one on top of the other.

Take a breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. 

Say this or think this: "I am so grateful and calm about my Thanksgiving plans" and then score it out of 100% (100 = you truly believe it, 0 is I don't at all - it doesn't matter if you have a low score or a high score but the aim is to raise it after a few minutes of tapping).

Now keep your hands crossed, and move your hands out slightly so you are about two inches under the collabrones and self-massage there. 

As you massage, say this:

"I feel a bit stressed!

Because it is Thanksgiving and I have a lot to do!

But it is possible for me to be take a moment and grateful anyway.

Now just think about something or someone that you are grateful for - maybe your family and all the celebrations, or memories of love and happy Thanksgivings you've had before)

Now start tapping and breathing as you 'tap' on each point below:

Two hands using two fingers:

1) tapping on the inner part of the eyebrows  and say "I feel stressed!"

2) tapping on the side of eyes (I feel stressed!)

3) tapping under the eyes (more of a fluttering motion here to depuff your eyebags!) And say: "Because it's thanksgiving"

4) under the nose - and say: "I have a lot to do!"

5) in the chin -  and say: "but it is possible for me..."

6) back where you started - over the heart and the collarbones. - and say: "to take a moment and be grateful anyway."

Take a breath and a smile ;) 

Now check in again and put your hands back on your heart - and say the affirmation again, scoring it again. 

"I am so grateful and calm about my Thanksgiving plans

Did your score go up?

What positive emotion are you now feeling?

Notice how you have shifted your mood and de-stressed yourself in just a few minutes. 

For more of these tapping routines, go to RAPIDTAPPING.COM and use their introductory 7 day free trial. 

A year's memberships with lots of routines and live classes is less than $100 ;)


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