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Hayden Panettiere's colorist: how changing your hair color can boost your mood

As Hayden Panettiere shows off her new pink and green watermelon hair, her colorist tells HELLO! all about the dopamine hair trend

Hayden Panettiere's colorist: how changing your hair color can boost your mood
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Whether for his celebrity clientele or everyday clients, Erick Orellana loves doing hair color makeovers at his Beverly Hills Roil Salon. "It lifts their spirits and always puts a smile on my face!" he told HELLO!

Erick just completed a beautiful hair color makeover on actress Hayden Panettiere, turning her normally blonde hair to a vibrant pink.

"I've been working with Hayden for about a year and she is truly a kind spirit. A few months ago she was toying around with wanting to do some type of pink tone to her hair," Erick explained. 

Hayden wanted something 'fun and funky' to replace her usual blonde color
Hayden wanted something 'fun and funky' to replace her usual blonde color

"Since she was starting to film a movie, I told Hayden we should wait until she was done with the production. But when the writer and actor strikes hit, she stopped working on the project and that's when we decided to go forward with the exciting hair color change!" 

The much-loved actress, known for her roles in the Scream franchise, ABC's Nashville, and NBC's Heroes, wanted something "fun and funky," since throughout her life and career, Hayden has maintained the same blonde color.

"A hair color makeover like what I did to Hayden really releases the inner rebel," enthused Erick. "They may be in a moment where they are wanting to truly express their individuality or what they are feeling at that time in their life."

Hayden Panettiere on the beach in an off-the-shoulder top
Hayden has sported her natural blonde hair for the bulk of her career.

Hayden's Instagram fans loved her new look, which Erick describes as a soft pink with a hint of turquoise at the top. "The pink tone really flatters her skin! Which is why it's key to keep that color closest to her face," he enthused. "She is fair, so any type of baby pink, baby blue, even lavender will suit her, especially with her green eyes."

Hayden was equally excited too. "Love my new watermelon vibes up top! Thanks @erickohair you're the best! Xoxo," she posted on Instagram. Hayden even had a bit of spon-con moment that fit the duo-tone new do, posing with a box of watermelon candy that perfectly matched her tresses.

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With the Barbie movie being so popular, it's no wonder there is a trend toward hot pink in hair salons, said Erick. "Jada Pinkett Smith and North West are amongst the celebs who have been into this – I really think it's such a cool dynamic look! Pink is a very subtle color that suits many and has a very natural fading. Also, if a person is feeling adventurous, pink is a pretty easy transition from blonde."

Erick first got into hair coloring when he was 26. "I wasn't sure I wanted to do hair anymore, since I was struggling as a hair cutter. Luckily I gave color a try and it just clicked.

Erick outside the Roil salon in Beverly Hills© Susan Hornik
Erick outside the Roil salon in Beverley Hills

Seeing the different tones and hues on clients and how this really helped enhance their appearance was special to Erick. "It was so second nature and it made me fall back in love with doing hair. So I continued to pursue coloring." 

Being able to deliver these "good vibes" and feelings to someone's life is priceless, he acknowledged.

"Hair is the last and final ultimate accessory–it completes your look. Something as simple as even touching up your grays, can make you feel young and fresh again. Also, adding highlights to color can instantly add a spark and a flare that makes my hair clients feel hip and trendy."

"As a hair colorist, it makes you feel that you're doing something good in this world, and somehow giving back, with the use of an artist's hands. Hair stylists put our heart and soul into every client we work on; it's truly fulfilling. The time spent with these clients each time is also so precious, since most of the time, clients open up to us about their personal issues and feelings and struggles," he said.

"We become a bit of their HAIRAPIST in their lives, and even at times, part of the family," Erick added.

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