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From Amy to Alexa, it's all about the eyeliner

(and here's the secret weapon…)

August 21, 2008
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We're genuinely impressed with the latest launch from Max Factor; a liquid eyeliner pen that enables a near-perfect application of the continued make-up essential of Sixties-style lines across the top lid - as spawned by Amy Winehouse and copied by everyone from Abby Clancy to Kimberly Stewart.

Masterpiece Glide & Define, £6.99, is a liquid formula with a precision pointed brush, that claims the coverage and staying power of a liquid eyeliner with the ease of application of a pencil (not quite, in our view, but as near as we've found in a liquid eyeliner).

The liquid stays wet long enough for you to build a shape or correct a mistake without it clogging. And it's tiny – half the length of a pencil eyeliner. Even better, as long as stocks last during August 08, it comes free with purchases of Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara, £8.99.

Here are make-up artist Caroline Barnes' tips for how to wear it this autumn/winter:

The Cat: This look flatters small eyes as less black is used over the lid. Start the line in the centre of the lid on the bed of the top lashes, keeping the line graduating up into the outer corner of the eye. Drag the liner back on itself and create a point by painting the outer corner of the lower lashes, which opens out the eyes.

The Wing: This is the on-trend shape of the year. To ensure both eyes are balanced, trace the shape first with a kohl liner then add Glide & Define over the top, using the side of the eyeliner rather than the tip itself for speed. To achieve the most flattering shape, trace an imaginary line from the outer corner of your eye up to the end of your brow. Then add several layers of mascara to the outer lashes to create that cat-like effect.

The Rock Chick: Enhance the liner you've had on all day by layering another coat over this Fifties-inspired shape, for a dense, sexy look that smoulders in dim light. Trace a precise line on top lashes, starting with the tip and opening out as you near the edges with the side of the liner. Do the same on the bottom, but before the line has dried, smudge the liquid with a cotton bud.

The Half Moon: This effect has a great thickening effect on top lashes, the trick being to paint the bed of the lashes, not the lid. Work from a 90-degree angle to your face rather than from the side to keep the line thin. And don't extend the eyeliner further than your lash line – it needs to stay 'invisible'.

The Flick: The most feminine of finishes, according to Caroline, starting delicately at the corner, thickening out over the lid and flicking out to a fine point at the corner of each eye. Balance your elbow on a table to keep it steady then start from the inner corner outwards. Tip your head back and lift your brow to stretch the lids and keep the skin tight, which keeps the line sharp. Keep the line fine to start and slowly build up to avoid mistakes.

Available in black, black/brown and smoke, nationwide from this month.

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