Are we getting a new Stunna lip colour in the Fenty Beauty line?

Fans are going wild on social media...

Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in September 2017, and safe to say, it caused an unprecedented frenzy amongst beauty junkies and fans of the R&B singer. The Stunna lip paint was released in November, and finally proved that red can be for everyone. If you’re a fan of the ultra-wearable (yet ultra glam) lip product, then you may need to sit down for this news: a brand new lipstick shade is on its way.

Makeup artist Amrita Mehta puts Stunna lip paint on lips AND eyes

Well, hopefully. A video was dropped on the Fenty Beauty Instagram page featuring a flat lay of the original #Stunna shade, and when you press play, towards the end of the video, the colour slightly changes to a darker tone. Of course, fans went a little (to say the least) wild, and quickly took to the comments to share their excitement. One put: “Are we going to be getting a darker red? Because I NEED” and another said “OMG A DARKER RED!! Yaaaasss”, which pretty much sums up all of our feelings.


Double tap for a surprise 🙃#STUNNA Lip Paint

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Rihanna certainly knows how to sends fans hysteric, and has provided no other information alongside the video. So when will the shade be out? In time for the royal wedding? Will Meghan wear it down the aisle? Will we be taking it on our summer holiday? All we know is that whenever a Fenty product drops, fans have to be pretty quick off the mark, as it sells out sharpish. And judging by the hype surrounding Stunna, this shade will be a firm favourite in everyone’s make-up bags when it releases.

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As one fan explained on Instagram: “I was NEVER a Red Lip girl until #STUNNA. This is literally a universal red.” So we’re not just excited because we at HELLO! love red (although we may be a little biased) - we're pretty confident that this WILL be the colour on everyone’s lips. Because whatever Rihanna says, goes. Now, time to perfect the insta-worthy pout... 💋

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