Proud mama Kim Kardashian shares two new candid shots of daughter North West

For most of her five months, North West has managed to avoid the spotlight, with only two pictures made public showing her little face.

This week, her proud mum Kim Kardashian doubled that number, posting two new images on her Instagram page.

The 33-year-old shared a super cute shot of her baby girl cuddled up with top Italian designer Riccardo Tisci.

Riccardo, the creative director at Givenchy, is a close friend of both Kim and her fiancé Kanye West.

Given their own love of fashion, it's likely the couple are hoping Nori will grow up to be a little fashionista — Kim captioned the snapshot "new stylist".

The second photo, which Kim titled "Lol", shows off Nori's playful side. The baby girl can be seen giggling away, captured on camera by her proud mama.

Fans will be delighted to see the new images, particularly given that the little girl will no be appearing on Kim's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Despite filming the lead up to her dramatic emergency delivery on 15 June, Kim has made it clear that her baby will not star in the show, like the rest of her extended family.

"From the start Kanye was like, I'm not comfortable with selling her photos like in a magazine reveal, to having her on the show," she said.

"See it's hard because I love seeing Mason and Penelope (Kourtney Kardashian's children) on the show. It's so cute, like the little things they say, but I do feel like it's just a different dynamic with Kanye."

Kim and Kanye released the first official picture of their daughter on Kris Jenner's now-cancelled chat show in August 2013. Kim later posted a second photo, of their child swaddled in a blanket on her Instagram page.