Tom Fletcher's cute baby diary - First days with his and Giovanna's son Buzz

McFly’s Tom Fletcher has been keeping his fans updated on he and wife Giovanna Fletcher's new baby boy, Buzz, with a Twitter diary.

The 28-year-old musician can be seen updating his micro-blogging account at all unsociable hours thanks to his newfound parenthood.

He has been shown support from other stars including bandmate Danny Jones and One Direction's Niall Horan, sparking his desire to share every step of being a dad with his devoted followers since one day after the 7pm arrival on March 13.


Tom and Giovanna Fletcher welcomed a boy and got this from Danny Jones


March 19 - Musical nappy changing

Tom has been noting how baby Buzz Michaelangelo loves to have his nappy regualrly changed.

And on Wednesday morning he didn't fail to detail his son's healthy bowel moevements.

March 18 - Never work with children...

Tom shared that in between penning tunes with Niall, he has been coping with the messy task of taking care of Buzz Michelangelo.

To cope he has been chomping down on sweet treats sent from friends excited about their bundle of joy.

March 17 - Playing Yoda

As well as viewing children's classics, family Fletcher equally enjoy a bit of Star Wars it seems.

In between wondering if other father's find bringing up baby as exhausting (and smelly) he sent out messages to get opinions from the Twittersphere.

The All About You singer, who makes up one quarter of Brit Award winning band McFly and was in the middle of tour rehearsal’s with supergroup McBusted before Buzz’s birth, was so excited about his new role that he changed his Twitter bio line to an excited "Dad".

March 16 - Baby brain

Aside from a few toilet accidents, Tom was feeling in love with all that comes with playing doting dad. Even if that meant squeezing in power naps when he could, he tried his hardest (and failed) to remember everything he had to do that day, such as sharing a video starring his sibling.
  March 15 - First look

Tom posted the first picture of their baby, sharing a snap of Buzz holding on to his thumb.

The black and white photo instantly won over Tom's 1.27million followers and was retweeted by Giovanna with the caption, "The men in my life…"

Tom couldn't help but admit how exhausted he was though, still, Buzz's hugs made all the hard work worth it.

Tom tweeted a picture of Buzz holding his thumb

March 14 - The big announcement

It was on Friday that Tom shared his first child had come into the world and apologised for his lack of presence online.

The star admitted how unconventional his son's name was and confessed that after just 24 hours on the planet his little boy seemed so grown up already.

Buzz got through an impressive about of diapers.