Jaime King reveals baby's gender during visit from godmother Taylor Swift

Jaime King has revealed that she is having a baby boy. The mum-to-be disclosed her baby's gender in a video filmed by her close friend Taylor Swift on Sunday.

The short clip shows Taylor touching the actress' stomach to feel the baby kick, with Jaime exclaiming: "He's sticking his arm up for you," before Taylor replies, "That's crazy! Happy Mother's Day."

Both Taylor and Jaime shared the video on Instagram, with the Hart of Dixie actress writing: "#Regram from our special visitor tonight @taylorswift – baby is ready to play with his God Mother. Like, NOW!

"Get ready Meredith and Olivia because this one is gonna wanna cuddle and dance allll day with your mama! I love you so much Tay. Thank you… Always x".

The 36-year-old previously told E! News that she knew the gender of baby number two and even had a name picked out, but wasn't ready to share the news. However it seems she is now ready to reveal all with the help of her famous friend.

In March Jaime asked the Blank Space singer to be godmother to her unborn child, with Taylor excitedly telling her fans on Instagram.

Guess who just got named Godmother of this little one..... (ME) @jaime_king @kyle_newman

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"Guess who just got named Godmother of this little one…..(ME)," she wrote, alongside a snapshot that shows her kneeling in front of expectant Jaime, her hands gently resting on her tummy.

Jaime recently told ABC News that she had asked Taylor because of her "loving and compassionate" nature.

"The greatest gift about having her in my life and having as the godmother to my upcoming child is just having her and everything that she encompasses," she said. "She's one of the most loving and compassionate, loyal people that I know. She is such an incredible light on this planet. The way she treats her fans and family just consistently stuns me with how beautiful she is."