Becky Adlington 'excited' about baby's birth on due date

Becky Adlington is due to welcome her first baby any day now. The 26-year-old Olympic gold medallist posted a photo of her large baby bump on Instagram, saying that she's 'excited' to meet the new arrival, and that she hopes the little one makes their way into the world soon.

"'I carried a watermelon'... Well my pregnancy app tells me she's the size of a watermelon and certainly feels that way!!!" she captioned the photo. "#ouch #pregnancy #pleasecomeoutsoon #excited."

Some of Becky's eagle-eyed Instagram followers noted that the swimmer appeared to have let slip the gender of her baby by using the pronoun 'she', although she hasn't yet clarified whether she is expecting a girl.

Becky, whose due date is Thursday 4 June, has enlisted her husband Harry Needs' help with her beauty regime now that her bump is so big.

"This is what married life is all about!" Becky captioned a photo of Harry painting her toenails. "Thank you @harryneeds #cantseemyfeet #pregnancyproblems."

Mansfield-born Becky began her maternity leave last month, heading off to Gloucestershire for a spot of pampering.

The 26-year-old shared a photo on Instagram from her pregnancy retreat in the countryside.

This is what married life is all about! Thank you @harryneeds #cantseemyfeet #pregnancyproblems

A photo posted by Becky Adlington (@beckadlington) on

"Absolutely beautiful place to have a nice few days away & a pamper!" Becky captioned the snap. "Incredible pregnancy retreat @retreatyourselfpregnancy!! Just what I needed especially now maternity leave has started :-) #pregnancy #health #relax #pamper #retreat #yoga #food."

Becky and Harry, who married last August amid the rural setting of Staffordshire, have been making last-minute preparations for their arrival.

In a video that Becky posted on YouTube earlier this month, the athlete proudly showed off her daughter's nursery room and gave fans a glimpse at some of the clothes she and Harry had bought for the little tot.