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Zoe Saldana speaks about frightening experience of having premature babies

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Her boys Cy and Bowie are now thriving now, but Zoe Saldana had an anxious time when she gave birth to the twins prematurely. The actress has spoken about the harrowing experience she went through with husband Marco last November. Their tiny babies were placed in the neonatal unit at an LA hospital.

zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana has spoken about the troubling time following the birth of her twins Cy and Bowie, who arrived early

"My husband and I were at the mercy of our nurses and doctors," the Avatar actress said. "Our children's lives depended on their every move."

"When children are born prematurely, they don't just need to be held,' she told People. "They need assistance breathing, feeding and going to the bathroom. They also need incubators to protect them while they're forming immune systems."

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The little boys are the actress' first children with her artist husband Marco

The actress added: "This equipment can mean the difference between life and death for a child, that's just the truth. If a child can't breathe and doesn't have the equipment to help him breathe we can't help him with our own hands."

Zoe said she suffered as much as the other parents on the ward, but luckily her children had the best care. Her experience has led her to support Brave Beginnings, an organisation working to ensure hospitals have the resources they need to treat premature babies.

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Happily the cute babies are now thriving

The actress was speaking after coming back from Vancouver where she spent the summer with her family filming Star Trek Beyond. She told HELLO! in an exclusive interview that having twins is fun but can be overwhelming. When the mother of two finds herself in that situation she calls on her sisters Cisely and Mariel for support.

"We have a tribe," Zoe said. "Whenever we're overwhelmed – and when you have twins, you get overwhelmed quite easily and really quickly – you send out an SOS, man. And they will cancel. They will find a nanny for their kids."