Exclusive! Peter Andre talks about baby son Theo's crying: 'I'm not as tolerant with the screaming as I used to be!'

As a doting father of four, Peter Andre is a dab hand at dealing with toddler tantrums and sleepless nights, but since his baby son Theo was born in November, he admits that he has struggled with hearing him cry – and is looking for tips on how to stop the tears.

"I'm not as tolerant with the screaming as I used to be," the 43-year-old singer and presenter tells HELLO!. "Perhaps it's because I'm older, but my patience is a little less these days. Having Theo is still a wonderful joy, although I may have to retract my earlier statement that I couldn't wait to have another baby by the end of 2017!"

Peter - who has four children, Junior, 11, nine-year-old Princess, and stepson Harvey, 14, from his marriage to Katie Price, and three-year-old Amelia by his wife Emily – continues: "I met Harvey when he was a year old and loved him so much; and when Junior was born, I had patience like I can't explain."

Peter opened up about baby Theo

But while baby Amelia was calm and relaxed, little Theo has a big voice on him, and even mum Emily admits their calm, quiet house has been turned upside down by his arrival. But while life in the Andre household is far from peaceful these days, Theo's arrival has given his parents a real reason for joining forces with energy company npower, and the couple are currently scouting the country to find parents with the most distinctive, quirkiest, entertaining and effective methods of coping with the problems family life throws up.

Read the full article in HELLO!, out now, to find out more about the pair's quest to find other parents with 'super powers' and read about why Peter calls Emily his very own "super wife and super mum."

For more on Peter and Emily’s new project, go to www.familysuperpowers.com.