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Say HELLO! to our Star Mum winner Amie Capron

amie capron
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We're absolutely delighted to announce that Amie Capron, mum of 20-month-old Jenson, has been crowned the winner of our Star Mum competition! Aime was chosen as one of our final five nominees by our star panel of celebrity mums, including Kimberly Walsh, Tamara Ecclestone and Penny Lancaster - who came together to help with our very special quest.

Amie joined fellow finalsits Janet Martin, Kay Kambanis, Lynne Highy and Morag Baker in our group of incredibly worthy nominees and the mums' incredibly moving stories stuck in the minds of both our celebrities and the collection of over 2000 people who spent last week voting. Her emotional story and incredible strength led her nomination to receive the most votes, and there's no doubt this insipiring mum deserves a weekend of pampering at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel and a night out at the theatre as a late Mother's Day treat. We also can't wait to feature Amie's HELLO! photo shoot on the website and look forward to seeing her picture in the pages of HELLO! magazine.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition, and to those who voted. And we're sure you'll all agree that while our other four deserving finalists were pipped to the post by Amie, they're without doubt superstars too.

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Amie's story 

Amie Capron is the proud mummy to 20-month-old Jenson. She endured two IVF attempts to get pregnant, and finally her and her husband's dreams came true when she found out she was expecting. Sadly, the euphoria was not to last when, at eight weeks pregnant, she suddenly lost her husband. Amie was left grief stricken but desperately clung onto her love for her tiny baby. Throughout her pregnancy, she was plagued with worry and desperately tried to look after herself for the sake of her unborn child, despite being consumed with loss. Thankfully, Amie's story does have a happy ending.

She gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy and immediately devoted her all to her son. Everything that parents do together, she did by herself, navigating the unclear territory of being a new first-time mum. There were many times when she just wanted the reassurance of a partner but instead made huge decisions by herself. It took Jenson eight months to sleep through the night but Amie never complained. Jenson is now walking and talking (and having the occasional tantrum!) and Amie is the funniest, most energetic and loving mum.

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Many times her sister Hannah Peet, who entered her into our Star Mum competition, has wondered where she gets her energy from. Amie manages to hold down a full-time job and gives her son the best upbringing possible. Jenson thinks she is the funniest person alive and if he could speak, more than 40 words, he would be submitting this for his brave and courageous mummy. Amie has shown how strong mums are, and that no matter what is happening in their life, their babies come first.

Star judge Jessica Knowles tells HELLO! she hasn't been able to get Amie out of her mind since the judging panel day. "Amie's story really stayed with me.," Jess says. "Her journey to becoming a mother was not an easy one and then to suffer the heartbreak of losing her husband seems too much for one person. What stayed with me the most was her sense of spirit and positivity in the worst of circumstances, because that's what a Star Mum does. They face the world with a smile and continue to be the best mother they can be, not matter what is thrown at them. I'm so happy HELLO! readers chose Amie as their Star Mum."

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