Exclusive! Eva Longoria shares gorgeous new photos of baby son as she opens up about motherhood

What beautiful pictures


Actress Eva Longoria Baston shares photos of her new baby son in this week’s HELLO! magazine, as she tells of her joy at becoming a mother. The Desperate Housewives star gave birth to Santiago Enrique - her first child with Mexican businessman husband José “Pepe” Bastón - on 19 June in Los Angeles. "It’s indescribable!" says Eva, 43, of motherhood. "It’s funny because everyone tells you: 'It’s going to be amazing, wait!' And then it happens and you understand what everyone’s talking about. But you can’t really understand it until you experience it."

Eva Longoria with her gorgeous son Santiago

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Describing how she felt the first time she held her precious baby boy, Eva says: "Well, it’s magical. You’re in the hospital, you’re a little loopy, a little tired from labour. There are a lot of people in the room, doctors and nurses, and then it’s almost like all the noise goes away. It’s just he and I. "He was born so alert! It was like he said, 'Hey! I know you!' It’s as if I knew him my whole life." The star also admits she’s feeling anxious about going back to work in a few weeks to direct the drama Grand Hotel. "My son will be two and a half months old and I can’t even think about it right now," she says.

The actress isn't looking forward to leaving her son when she goes back to work

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"I enjoy our routine and our days together. People tell me: 'Get ready to be tired,' but I’m not. I actually miss him when he’s sleeping, so I’m like: 'Ugh. Hurry up and wake up, so I can play with you and stare at you and kiss you and cuddle you, bite, hug you!' So the thought of going back to work… I get anxiety thinking about it."

Read the full interview in this week's copy of HELLO!, out Monday 13 August

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