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Jessie J reveals she changed her diet in a bid to beat her infertility

The singer is currently dating Channing Tatum

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Jessie J has never been one to shy away from talking about important aspects of her life - even ones very close to her heart. In 2014, The Voice Kids UK judge, who is currently dating Channing Tatum, revealed that she had been told that she can't conceive. But now, in an interview with Heart Radio, she has admitted that she hasn't given up hope and has altered her diet in the hope of increasing her chances of fertility. 


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Talking about why she chooses to be open, Jessie said to presenters Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden: "Yeah I mean I think it's one of those – vulnerability is seen so much as weakness now and not real.  

"I've always been someone that is open and honest. And from a very very young age I've always stood in the middle of my pain and my battles with everything. And I think it's basically made me who I am today and the artist I am and the music I make.

She continued: "So four and a half, five years ago I was diagnosed with this disease that, you know is making it harder. I was told I couldn't have children, I don't believe it. I believe in miracles. I haven't given up.

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"For the last four years I've changed my diet, I've changed the way I live, I've done a lot of self-work and just to be open about it and start a conversation that could help someone that doesn't know how to talk about it, and start this conversation."

"I wouldn't be having this conversation so – and being on the show, I had some people ask me you know "is it really hard" and I'm like "no".

"Like, I love kids you know and I'm so grateful. And whatever happens, will happen. I've had great blessings and success in my life and I believe that balance has to happen for everybody."


Jamie then couldn't help probing her about her relationship with the Hollywood actor and even asked her if they are planning to get married. 

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Quick to respond, she said: "No! No just because he's Channing Tatum everyone's kind of sped us up into this like 'are you getting married? Are you doing this?'"

"I mean I've been in relationships for a lot longer than Chan and I have in the last four, five years but they're not famous so no one really cares," she added.

Jessie then said: "We're having a lovely time. And I'm very very respectful of his situation and his…"

"And his privacy Jamie!" interjected Amanda Holden, before Jessie laughed: "Yeah. But he looks great naked in the shower!"

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