Peter Andre reveals home-schooling struggles during self-isolation

The star's eldest son has symptoms of COVID-19

Peter Andre took to Instagram on Friday morning to reveal that he's having difficulties home-schooling his kids – especially when it comes to their maths homework! Firstly, the doting dad shared a video of himself delivering a delicious-looking breakfast to his 12-year-old daughter Princess' room. In his next video, Peter revealed that his daughter was completing a task that involved identifying prime numbers, and the Mysterious Girl singer wasn't entirely sure which numbers to pick, prompting Princess to hilariously quip: "Dad, you're 47."

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In the next video, Peter was downstairs with six-year-old Amelia and three-year-old Theodore. This time, he was helping his youngest daughter with her English homework, rifling through her homework pages. "What day is it today?" The TV star could be heard asking Amelia, who sweetly responded: "It's Friday." The father-of-four then cheekily asked: "Does that mean we don't get homework tomorrow?" 

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Peter shared the videos on Instagram 

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Next, it was more maths homework, with Princess popping into the room holding hers to ask: "Dad, what is this? It's a math test." Peter responded by saying: "Why'd you ask me what it was then?" Unimpressed, his eldest daughter replied: "You don't even know what a prime number is, so how are you meant to help me?"

It was then that the Australian singer gestured back towards Amelia's homework, saying: "I don't even know this one." Princess certainly got the last laugh, poking fun at her dad by telling him: "You don't even know year one work."

Junior, Peter's oldest child, was nowhere to be seen on Friday morning. The 14-year-old revealed on Wednesday that he is showing symptoms of coronavirus, and has since been in self-isolation in his bedroom. He said in an Instagram Story clip: "These aren’t easy times as we know. I am videoing this to tell you I am showing symptoms of the coronavirus. It is not me saying I have it, I am showing symptoms. Everyone, please stay safe these aren’t easy times like I said."

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