Mrs Hinch's loft is so organised - and son Ronnie has his own special corner

Mrs Hinch's loft is next on her home renovation list...

Nichola Murphy

Mrs Hinch's fans have seen almost every part of the cleaning influencer's home, but they were treated to a new look at her loft space on Sunday. While images of unused children's toys, old suitcases and unopened moving boxes may spring to mind when people think of their own loft, Sophie Hinchliffe's is very neat and organised with a special corner dedicated to her son Ronnie. How clever!


Mrs Hinch revealed she has labelled corners of her loft - including one for her son Ronnie!

The mum-of-one shared several videos on her Instagram Stories as she revealed her plans to renovate the space, which was empty the last time she gave fans a tour. "I know most of you guys have been in here with me many times. It's not as tidy as it was but I'll tidy it soon when I get the chance!" she wrote, before explaining there were different corners for Christmas, memories, baby and home. Mrs Hinch captioned one video: "I organised my loft using whiteboards so I know exactly what's in that part of the loft...I would love to make the memory corner really cosy with a lamp and seat at some point this year!"

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Mrs Hinch is known for her 'Hinch hauls' which sees the star walk fans through the process of unwrapping her new bargain purchases. Some of her most memorable buys for Ronnie include the two soft grey baby caddies from Amazon and no-mess floor mats, so we imagine much of her baby corner in the loft is filled with more items for the little boy to enjoy as he grows up. And with Ronnie set to celebrate his first birthday in June, there will be plenty more pictures to add to the photo albums in the memory corner.


Mrs Hinch will celebrate son Ronnie's first birthday in June

In April, Mrs Hinch was forced to set the record straight after fans inquired whether she was pregnant with her second child. "A few messages asking if I'm pregnant. No guys I was just wearing the same dress I wore yesterday because it's so comfy but I've got changed now. Sorry, I'm not expecting another baby Hinch just yet," she wrote next to a glam selfie. However, she did not rule out the possibility of expanding her family in the future. "Maybe one day I'll have baby Hinch no.2, I honestly feel like I'm still recovering from Ronnie," she said. Here's to hoping she leaves room in the loft!

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