Mrs Hinch: Everything you need to know about the Instagram cleaning sensation

You know she loves cleaning, but how much do you REALLY know about Sophie?

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If you're already a fan of Mrs Hinch - a bonafide member of the Hinch Army - you'll no doubt know some of these facts about her already. Hell, you could probably educate us on her likes and dislikes. The cleaning sensation - who has garnered over 2 million Instagram followers within the last year - has a book coming out in April and fans are eagerly awaiting her next gripping Instagram Story. But if you're confused about who she is, and want to know more about her, carry on reading…

What is Mrs Hinch's real name?

Sophie Hinchliffe.

Where is Mrs Hinch from?

Maldon in Essex.

How old is Mrs Hinch?

Sophie is 29 years old. She took to her Instagram Stories recently, saying: "Yes I'm only 29 but I would prefer to clean, attempt to cook, sew and buy baskets than go clubbing. That's Mrs Hinch for ya, and I'm proud of it."

Is Mrs Hinch a professional cleaner?

No, she's not. She's someone who enjoys cleaning her home and giving tips to her fans, once telling her followers: "I'm just a normal girl who loves to clean her house. The fact that me doing so in my own mad way motivates and encourages others to have fun and do the same, makes me so happy."

What job did Mrs Hinch used to do before Instagram?

She used to be a hairdresser.

When did Mrs Hinch start Instagram?

Sophie told HELLO!: "I started my account back in March 2018. I've always enjoyed home interior design but as soon as my husband and I bought our first house together I was super excited to make it a home. I really wanted to post décor photos on Instagram but didn't want to bore my friends and family, so I started @mrshinchhome! I never imagined for a second that my account would become so popular! It's absolutely crazy and I'm so overwhelmed but so grateful all at the same time! I'm just so happy it's resulted in such a positive space for everyone."

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When did Mrs Hinch get her blue tick on Instagram?

Mrs Hinch became verified when she reached 1M followers on Instagram. This happened three months after starting her Instagram account.

Who is Mrs Hinch's husband (aka Mr Hinch)?

Sophie's husband is called Jamie and he works as a sales manager. He often appears in her Instagram Stories. They met when they both worked together in sales for a central London job-search company before Sophie left to become a hairdresser.

Where did Mrs Hinch get married?

Jamie and Sophie got married in August 2018 at Gosfield Hall, a former royal residence located in the heart of the rural Essex. The couple's wedding photographer was Jasmine Jade and it looked like a beautiful day. Sophie often shares wedding photos on her Instagram.

Who designed Mrs Hinch's wedding dress?

Sophie's fairytale strapless dress was by Madam Burco and discovered in Confetti & Lace.

Do they have children?

Sophie is pregnant with her first child.

When is Mrs Hinch's baby due?

We predict an early summer arrival for their baby boy.  

What's the name of Mrs Hinch's dog and what breed is he?

Henry Hinch - and he's a Cocker Spaniel. He has his own (very clean - natch) bedroom and his very own Instagram account.

Has Mrs Hinch been on the TV?

Yes, she has appeared on This Morning and spoke with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willloughby about her cleaning tips. We predict she'll be on our TV even more with the release of her debut book. Watch her television appearance in the video below...




Mrs Hinch: The best-selling author. When is Hinch Yourself Happy out?

When Sophie announced the news about her book, Hinch Yourself Happy, she wrote in an Instagram caption: "I never dreamed that I'd have my own book on day Hinchers, and here it is! I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time because I've worked so hard on it, and I hope you all love it as much as I do."

The book is out on 4 April and it's already a number one seller with the pre-orders.

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How can you meet Mrs Hinch?

She is going on tour with her book. Signings will start on 6 April in Lakeside and will continue until 4 May. She'll be visiting Dublin, Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Southampton.

Does Mrs Hinch suffer from anxiety?

It would appear so. In Sophie's Instagram Stories she tells her followers when she's having anxious feelings - often sparked when travelling into London by herself. She also shares screenshots of motivational posts to help other sufferers. The Instagram star once told HELLO!: " If I'm feeling anxious I use it [cleaning] as a coping mechanism to steady my thoughts. Tidy house, tidy mind."

Did Mrs Hinch get a gastric band? 

Yes, she spent £6,000 to get a gastric band fitted when she was 21. Speaking to You magazine, the influencer said she was left in agony after the band slipped two years later and it became wedged in her oesophagus. Ouch! After an emergency operation, the band hasn't been removed, but it doesn't work anymore. Sophie explained: "The surgery works for some people, but for me, if I had known the complications and risks, I wouldn't have done it."

Describing why she chose to have the surgery in the first place, after gaining weight when she was younger, she added: "I'd just passed my driving test, so I was able to go out in the car and get takeaways at McDonald's Drive-Thrus. Before I knew it, I was eating for what felt like eating's sake." She lost eight stone in weight, but added: "Even if you lose the weight you never forget the comments." 

What did Mrs Hinch used to look like?

When she joined in on the #10yearchallenge, Mrs Hinch showed off a side-by-side photo of herself and it did shock some of her fans as she looked quite different. 

"I think it surprised people," she told YOU. "I wanted to let them know that [I'm not perfect] because people have such pressure on themselves to have a perfect life. I went through a hell of a lot, which is why my confidence isn’t great even now."

What are Mrs Hinch's favourite cleaning products?

She once told us: "In no particular order because you wouldn’t make someone choose a favourite between their children… Flash Bathroom with Febreze (very important), CIF Stainless Steel Spray, Pine Toilet Cleaner, 1001 Carpet Spray and Zoflora."

What is the 'Mrs Hinch Effect'?

Zoflora saw a huge increase in sales once Mrs Hinch raved about the scented disinfectant which costs as little as £1. Staff at the Huddersfield factory needed to double production as the demand increased and sales increased by more than a quarter (28%). The company revealed staff needed to work overtime and weekends to ensure the shop shelves were filled.

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Why does Mrs Hinch name her cleaning products?

It's just a bit of fun! The most famous is probably the 'Minkeh' which is what she names her antibacterial cleaning pad, the Minky M Cloth. As well there's Shelly the Shark (hoover), and Cliff the Cif. It all makes sense once you follow Mrs Hinch, but explaining it to a 'non believer' makes you sound a little strange. 

Who represents Mrs Hinch?

She is represented by Gleam, the same company that looks after the hugely successful YouTuber Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella).

How much is Mrs Hinch worth?

It was reported that Sophie's book was in a "heated" bidding war and finally won to Penguin for a huge amount. She makes her money via advertisements on her Instagram account. The Sun reported that she's set to make £1million once her book is released.

Will Mrs Hinch ever bring out her own cleaning products range?

Well, that's what we're all waiting for. The clock is ticking, Mrs Hinch…

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