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Mrs Hinch: Everything you need to know about the Instagram cleaning sensation

You know she loves cleaning, but how much do you REALLY know about Sophie?

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If you're already a fan of Mrs Hinch - a bonafide member of the Hinch Army - you'll no doubt know some of these facts about her already. Hell, you could probably educate us on her likes and dislikes. The cleaning sensation - who has garnered over 4.2 million Instagram - has fans eagerly awaiting her next gripping Instagram Story. But if you're confused about who she is, and want to know more about her, carry on reading…

What is Mrs Hinch's real name?

Sophie Hinchliffe.

Where is Mrs Hinch from?

Maldon in Essex.

Where does Mrs Hinch live? 

Soon she and her husband will be moving to Hinch Farm. 

Mrs Hinch and her husband Jamie have recently revealed they have bought a new home - the Hinch Farm - but it's not far from their existing home. "Maybe I should grow up but I could never move away from my parents. We are still so very very very close by. If anything, the. exact same distance but the other direction." 

Is Hinch farm a new build home?

No, it's not! In a Q&A, Sophie said: "We have lots to do but I love the character and I'm so excited to get stuck in! I can't wait to clean it too. Truth is my parents and I have been driving past this house since I was 11 and we always said to each other, we wonder who lives there." 

Will Mrs Hinch have a working farm? 

Watch this space! She told her followers: "I'm planning on rescuing three chickens and then see how we go. I've also got some very special fur boys joining us soon! ... Just to be clear though guys, this will not be a "working farm". 

Why did Mrs Hinch move? 

Mrs Hinch loved her clean home, so it came as quite the surprise to her followers that she was moving. In an Instagram Q&A, she replied to one shocked fan who said they never thought she'd leave the Hinch house. Sophie replied: "If I'm honest neither did I. I won't go into too much detail because I wouldn't want to give any satisfaction to the cruel person/people involved. But Jamie has wanted to move for a while due to a privacy issue which came after we extended the house. But I was in such a mess because I didn't want to move. I was crying to him, saying this is my home I didn't want to lose it. So I promised him I could fix it, hence my weird tall basketball net looking trees which you may have noticed on my stories at some point, also new pannelled fencing with no holes, and a crazy CCTV system."

She added: "I really did my best behind the scenes guys but it wasn't enough in the end. Jamie was right, I was putting plasters over things and from that day I felt like I lost my home and I was in a really low place. 

Mrs Hinch's favourite spot in the Hinch Farm 

"This," she said. "I just stand here everyday and think HOW."

hinch farm

How old is Mrs Hinch?

Sophie is 31 years old. For her 30th birthday, she went to Disneyland with her family. Taking to Instagram the night before the trip, she said: "Tomorrow is the first time I'm taking Ronnie out of the country, even though it's not far far away it's still far enough for my nerves to handle on our first family holiday." She continued: "And now I'm worrying about stuff I don't even worry about anymore! From feeding Ronnie, changing his nappie, having his naps!! Everything is on my mind like I'm a brand new mum again!"

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As well as a sweet gift from her son Ronnie (a personalised ring), Sophie also received a cleaning-inspired cake to mark her big 3-0.

mrs hinch

Is Mrs Hinch a professional cleaner?

No, she's not. She's someone who enjoys cleaning her home and giving tips to her fans, once telling her followers: "I'm just a normal girl who loves to clean her house. The fact that me doing so in my own mad way motivates and encourages others to have fun and do the same, makes me so happy."

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What job did Mrs Hinch used to do before Instagram?

Prior to life as Mrs Hinch the influencer, she was a hairdresser. Before that she had many jobs, which she listed once during an Instagram Q&A. She said: "I've had a few jobs since I left school. I've worked as a waitress, an after school club as a nursery assistant, call centre office, job board sales, and a hairdresser."

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When did Mrs Hinch start Instagram?

Sophie told HELLO!: "I started my account back in March 2018. I've always enjoyed home interior design but as soon as my husband and I bought our first house together I was super excited to make it a home. I really wanted to post décor photos on Instagram but didn't want to bore my friends and family, so I started @mrshinchhome! I never imagined for a second that my account would become so popular! It's absolutely crazy and I'm so overwhelmed but so grateful all at the same time! I'm just so happy it's resulted in such a positive space for everyone."

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When did Mrs Hinch get her blue tick on Instagram?

Mrs Hinch became verified when she reached 1M followers on Instagram. This happened three months after starting her Instagram account.


When did Mrs Hinch hit 3 million Instagram followers? 

At the beginning of 2020, Mrs Hinch hit 3 million followers on Instagram. She shared a beautiful photo of herself with her family, and captioned it: "3 M I L L I O N AMAZING HINCHERS! I want to start this post just by saying thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I will never have an explanation for my Mrs Hinch journey and how everything has fallen into place .. all I do know is that it’s just me and my little family followed and supported by 3 MILLION amazing people!! I can’t even imagine that many people! It’s just crazy! Do you remember in one of my insta lives way back in the day when we were talking about a meet up and wondering if we could fill the O2, all waving our Minkehs? And I couldn’t even imagine what twenty thousand people would look like then. Now look!"

"To think of over a hundred times as many Hinchers more than that just completely blows my mind. I feel all of your love and support every day, and I’m so grateful for it. You always tell me how much I’ve helped you guys and changed your lives...Well, you’ve helped me so much too, more than you would ever realise. So from my family to yours, I wish you all the most magical 2020 full of good health, happiness, love and gratitude. And let's not forget to remind ourselves that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet! So to every single person reading this right now .. thank you. I promise to never take this journey for granted! Love you all and here’s to the best 2020 has to offer!! ps: thank you so much to the very kind gentleman that took this photo for us in our local park. I don’t think he realised just how many people will see it. #allthebest #3million #iammrshinch #thankyou."

mrs hinch home 3 million followes

Who is Mrs Hinch's husband (aka Mr Hinch)?

Sophie's husband is called Jamie and he works as a sales manager. He often appears in her Instagram Stories. They met when they both worked together in sales for a central London job-search company before Sophie left to become a hairdresser.

How old is Mr Hinch?

Jamie Hinch is eleven years older than Sophie, which means he's 42. On his birthday, Sophie wrote: "Jamie you are the most amazing person... we LOVE you so much! Happy Birthday." 

Where did Mrs Hinch get married?

Jamie and Sophie got married in August 2018 at Gosfield Hall, a former royal residence located in the heart of the rural Essex. The couple's wedding photographer was Jasmine Jade and it looked like a beautiful day. Sophie often shares wedding photos on her Instagram.

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Who designed Mrs Hinch's wedding dress?

Sophie's fairytale strapless dress was by Madam Burcu and discovered in Confetti & Lace.

What was Mr and Mrs Hinch's first dance at their wedding?

Whenever you call by Brian McKnight and Mariah Carey. 

sophie hinch wedding

Do Mr & Mrs Hinch have children?

They have Ronnie, 2, and 7-month-old Lennie. Mrs Hinch announced she was pregnant on her Instagram feed at the start of 2021, telling fans: "It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars - Baby Hinch Number 2, We can’t wait to finally meet you Happy New Year everyone... from our little family to yours... We hope your 2021 is filled with hope, health and happiness. We love you all.

This is the photo she posted: 

View post on Instagram

When was Lennie Hinch born? 

Lennie was born 22 May 2021 at 12.56am, weighing 7lb 4 ounces. 

lennie hinch

Sophie and Lennie

When is Ronnie Hinch's birthday?

Ronnie's birthday is 20 June. It was Mr Hinch who announced the birth of Ronnie back in 2019. The caption read: "Hello Hinchers... Mr Hinch here. Yesterday, the 20th June 2019, at 4.11am, I watched my wife, the love of my life, bring our beautiful son, Ronnie James George Hinchliffe into the world, weighing in at 6lbs 1 oz. I didn’t think I could love Soph any more than I already do, but I was so very wrong. For once, I am completely lost for words. All I can say is thank you for your unbelievable kindness, loyalty and the most pure and genuine love we both feel from you all. I know you’ll understand that we’ll be quiet for a while whilst we take these precious moments in and enjoy our baby bubble.

"I will be spending today and the rest of my life caring for, looking after and protecting my beautiful wife and son. Ronnie, our darling boy, we love you more than we ever knew possible."

He continued: "Henry, time to be the best big brother ever my boy. Soph... your three handsomes love you and I am so so proud of you."

mrs hinch baby

What is Mrs Hinch's baby names?

Ronnie James George Hinchliffe and Lennie Alan James Hinchliffe.

Did Mrs Hinch have a baby shower?

For Ronnie, she had a small and intimate baby shower on 2 June 2018 surrounded by her friends and family. She took to Instagram to share a few photos and wrote: "Thank you SO much for such beautiful messages and comments on our Baby Hinch shower. I spent a few hours with the very special ladies in my life, we played games, enjoyed yummy food and drink, had a good catch up together and my wonderful photographer captured the most amazing memories which I will always cherish and of course pop into my baby scrap book". 

How was Mrs Hinch's first pregnancy? Why did she spend 10 days in the hospital?

For her first pregnancy, she spent 10 days in hospital. Mrs Hinch never specified revealed why she needed to stay in hospital, but told her followers: "The past 10 days have been scary, emotional and very hard but I kept going remembering that there’s always someone out there struggling more than me. And I salute those people so so much! And the NHS staff are simply earth angels." 

She went on to say: "'So... Baby Hinch is growing nicely kicking away and I couldn’t feel more blessed yes I am following strict instructions and taking it slow because as a few of you that have read my book will know my health hasn’t always been my strongest point". She also said that her mum and husband were being huge helps to her as she rested up. 

Did Mrs Hinch go on maternity leave?

For Ronnie, she did. On 26 November 2019, she returned to work, paying Chris Evans a visit on his radio show. She didn't go off the grid entirely during her maternity leave as she was still active on her Instagram account and attended a few events. She didn't do any press interviews though. With Lennie, she's posting sometimes on her Instagram Stories but is definitely taking it easy and enjoying life as a new mum. 

mrs hinch beach
mr hinch

Does Mrs Hinch want more children?

Prior to her baby announcement, a follower asked the question during a Q&A and she replied: "I certainly do. I would love more children! Not too sure when yet though! I know Ronnie is already six months now but I can honestly say I don't feel like my body or my hormones have fully recovered yet. My labour was amazingly straightforward but my pregnancy was very traumatic." 

Taking part in another Q&A, Mrs Hinch recently revealed that she would ideally "love 3 maybe 4" children. 

She wrote: "Jamie and I have spoken about this on our podcast recently. If we are lucky enough to have more children we definitely will! Jamie is adamant he wants a football team size. I don't think so babe, but I would love 3 maybe 4."

mrs hinch facts children

Does Mr Hinch work? 

Yes, he does, but he is currently on a career break. Mrs Hinch said on her Instagram Stories: "Jamie is currently on a career break, and can return at any time within a certain time period! But he's absolutely loving having time at home with us and I'm so blessed he gets to spend so much time with Ronnie because he's growing so quickly... it's scary." 

Does Mrs Hinch have a podcast? 

Yes, she does! Sophie and her husband Jamie started a podcast called All The Best (& Worst) With Mr & Mrs Hinch

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What's the name of Mrs Hinch's dog and what breed is he?

Henry Hinch - and he's a Cocker Spaniel. He has his own (very clean - natch) bedroom and his very own Instagram account - @henryhinch.


How old is Henry Hinch?

He's six years old. Taking to Instagram on 1 June 2020, on his fifth birthday, Sophie said: "If only he realised how much joy he brings to our lives, how grateful we are to. have him and just. how loved he is ... We love you lots,  our fur boy. Love mum, dad and Ronnie."

View post on Instagram

Has Mrs Hinch been on the TV?

Yes, she has appeared on This Morning and spoke with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her cleaning tips. We predict she'll be on our TV even more in 2022. Watch her television appearance in the video below...

Mrs Hinch Reveals How Cleaning Helped Tackle Her Anxiety | This Morning

Does Mrs Hinch have a homeware collection?

Mrs Hinch teamed up with Tesco to create her debut homeware collection. The range, which is out now, sees the cleaning queen launch a number of interior products, from practical kitchen accessories, to cosy soft furnishings and calming scents - all in Sophie’s much-loved contemporary style. The on-trend products are available at Tesco, with the collection already in selected Tesco Extra stores to be picked up as part of the weekly shop, or online at With prices starting at just £1.50, you can add uplifting updates to the home, whatever the budget.

hincher tesco

Why did Mrs Hinch keep her Tesco Hinch range news a secret in 2021? 

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Mrs Hinch revealed why she kept quiet about the launch of the homeware. She told her followers: "With everything. going on around us, it just didn't feel right for me to do that. So I spoke with my management and they completely supported my decision on it and said 'that's absolutely fine. What would work best?' And I said I'd prefer to wait until all stores - so no-essential are back open - and talk to my followers about it and shout it from the rooftops because it's just EVERYTHING to me." 

hinch mist

Hinch Pillow Spray, £5, Tesco 


When did her book, Hinch Yourself Happy, come out?

When Sophie announced the news about her book, Hinch Yourself Happy, she wrote in an Instagram caption: "I never dreamed that I'd have my own book on day Hinchers, and here it is! I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time because I've worked so hard on it, and I hope you all love it as much as I do." It was released on 4 April 2019 and became a number one seller just with the pre-orders but she has now sold so many copies that she is officially a Sunday Times Best Selling author. 


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Does Mrs Hinch have a second book? 

Why yes she does. The Mrs Hinch The Activity Journal was released on 17 October 2019 and is about giving yourself the gift of time out. Packed with over 100 relaxing, light-hearted activities to help you have fun and relax and plan your hinching. The book is priced at £12.99 and published by Penguin. 

mrs hinch activity journal

Does Mrs Hinch have a third book?

Yes, she does. Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists was published in spiral-bound hardback on 2 April 2020 and is packed full of 'Hinch Lists' and 'Fresh’n Up Fridays', as well as 'Tadaa Lists' to use as reflective pages for those days that call for more spontaneity. Designed so you can look back with pride on everything you’ve achieved, this structured notebook will help you map out your time constructively, and motivate you to tick off all of those tasks you’ve been meaning to do.

hinch list book

Does Mrs Hinch have a memoir?

Yes, Mrs Hinch has written a memoir called This is Me - and it's a number one bestseller. With tears in her eyes and showing off the stunning cover of her new book, Sophie told her fans: "I don't address much on my stories purely because I don't want to burden you with it but it seems like now is the best time. My very own memoir! Thank you Penguin for allowing me the opportunity to put everything into one place: the good, the bad, the amazingness and some of the dark lows which have come with this journey. But most of all I hope it answers everything that you have been asking me for… This is me!"

mrs hinch book me

Mrs Hinch This Is Me, £9, Amazon 


Can Mrs Hinch cook? 

Fans are speculating that Mrs Hinch could be working on a weaning cookbook due to how much she has been cooking. She has credited @whatmummymakes and various other accounts for helping her with recipes for Ronnie. 

Does Mrs Hinch suffer from anxiety?

It would appear so. In Sophie's Instagram Stories she tells her followers when she's having anxious feelings - often sparked when travelling into London by herself. She also shares screenshots of motivational posts to help other sufferers. The Instagram star once told HELLO!: " If I'm feeling anxious I use it [cleaning] as a coping mechanism to steady my thoughts. Tidy house, tidy mind."

Does Mrs Hinch miss her old life before her Insta fame?

Talking to Holly and Phil on This Morning, she said: "It's been amazing, incredible, I've been so lucky to be on this journey. It just seems to have got bigger... and I can't keep up. The dark side of it is really quite dark."

And in an interview with Loose Women in November 2020, she said: "I'm very very grateful, very blessed to have the life that I have and to enjoy the things that I'd do and to have the life that we have because of my job, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to step back into the old life. It's like you're grieving for your old life, if that makes any sense? It's strange because I don't know how it happened."

sophie loose women

Did Mrs Hinch get a gastric band? 

Yes, she spent £6,000 to get a gastric band fitted when she was 21. Speaking to You magazine, the influencer said she was left in agony after the band slipped two years later and it became wedged in her oesophagus. Ouch! After an emergency operation, the band hasn't been removed, but it doesn't work anymore. Sophie explained: "The surgery works for some people, but for me, if I had known the complications and risks, I wouldn't have done it."

Describing why she chose to have the surgery in the first place, after gaining weight when she was younger, she added: "I'd just passed my driving test, so I was able to go out in the car and get takeaways at McDonald's Drive-Thrus. Before I knew it, I was eating for what felt like eating's sake." She lost eight stone in weight, but added: "Even if you lose the weight you never forget the comments." 

What did Mrs Hinch used to look like?

When she joined in on the #10yearchallenge, Mrs Hinch showed off a side-by-side photo of herself and it did shock some of her fans as she looked quite different. 

hinch before after

"I think it surprised people," she told YOU. "I wanted to let them know that [I'm not perfect] because people have such pressure on themselves to have a perfect life. I went through a hell of a lot, which is why my confidence isn’t great even now."

Will Mrs Hinch ever feature on a reality TV show? 

The cleanfluencer revealed she was asked to appear on the 2019 series of Strictly Come Dancing but decided to decline the offer because of her new role as a mum. "I love this programme," she told her fans via Instagram Stories. "As you can see, I'm not on it. I couldn't because it takes so much training and you have to be away from family for a bit to be able to train that much and obviously I've just had Ronnie and it wasn't the timing but you never know, maybe one year." 

Where are Mrs Hinch's labels from?

Mrs Hinch's amazing labels are from shabby2chicboutique. Rochelle Humes and Stacey Solomon are both reportedly fans of the small business owner. 

View post on Instagram

She also owns her own label maker. It looks like this one...

label maker

Label maker, £27.76, Amazon


Does Mrs Hinch have a tattoo?

Yes! She has a tattoo on the top of her leg and onto her thigh and it features roses and a compass. 

Has Mrs Hinch got any celebrity friends?

It turns out Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon are firm friends. 

In a lengthy Instagram caption, Sophie shared how she had struggled with life in the public eye, saying: "I’ll be honest guys, having fallen into the public eye somehow, and becoming a new mum, I’ve done my absolute best but it's been hard … I’ve been trolled, followed in my car by journalists, paparazzi waiting outside my house, false information printed about me and worst of all I’ve had my family and my baby pulled apart, and for what? I don’t get it! I’m simply living my life at home .. cleaning!" 

mrs hinch stacey solomon

She continued: "I noticed I was starting to feel nervous about leaving the house, even to go food shopping, or pop to the petrol station. Daily things that I never used to think twice about doing. If I see the petrol gauge is low or the fridge needs refilling I get a knot in my stomach knowing I need to go out so I've felt myself falling into a dark place."

Then she shared how Stacey Solomon reached out to ger. "One day I received a message from this amazing woman, simply asking me if I’m ok. It’s like she just knew I wasn’t. Even though I hadn’t made this apparent to anyone. I found myself pouring my heart out to her by message asking how she handles the public eye with a newborn. And what she said to me was 'right, I’m coming round for a cuppa!' A cuppa?! I couldn’t believe it! Stacey Solomon in my house? I've followed Stacey since her X Factor days so to me I was having a celeb round and I felt nervous! But Stacey, like me, is just a normal person and a mum simply trying to do her best in life. She turned up at my house with her beautiful baby Rex in one arm and McDonald’s in the other for us both! And I just felt myself wanting to cry. A mix of emotions I can’t even explain. We sat down, we ate junk food, fed our babies and talked... talked for hours and I can honestly say I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I’m ready to face this public eye!"

She signed off: "Stacey I'm forever grateful to you, all the best darling and I can’t wait for next time."

Who does Mrs Hinch like for style inspiration?

Sophie answered an Instagram Q&A and revealed that Michelle Keegan was her style inspiration online. 

Does Mrs Hinch leave the house?

Of course! Prior to the pandemic, she and the family visited Stacey and Joe's house for a little playdate with their babies. The pair documented the moment on social media and it was adorable. 


"Look at these little besties," Sophie wrote on Instagram. "They melt my heart every single time I see them together! … Thank you Stacey Joe and Rex , from the bottom of my heart thank you, such a beautiful family inside and out! Can’t wait for next time when the Daddies will be going to watch arsenal play and us mummies are having a sleepover with our babies and a Chinese takeaway. Perfect!"

What are Mrs Hinch's favourite cleaning products?

She once told us: "In no particular order because you wouldn’t make someone choose a favourite between their children… Flash Bathroom with Febreze (very important), CIF Stainless Steel Spray, Pine Toilet Cleaner, 1001 Carpet Spray and Zoflora."

mrs hinch this morning

What is the 'Mrs Hinch Effect'?

Zoflora saw a huge increase in sales once Mrs Hinch raved about the scented disinfectant which costs as little as £1. Staff at the Huddersfield factory needed to double production as the demand increased and sales increased by more than a quarter (28%). The company revealed staff needed to work overtime and weekends to ensure the shop shelves were filled.

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Why does Mrs Hinch name her cleaning products?

It's just a bit of fun! The most famous is probably the 'Minkeh' which is what she names her antibacterial cleaning pad, the Minky M Cloth. As well there's Shelly the Shark (hoover), and Cliff the Cif. It all makes sense once you follow Mrs Hinch, but explaining it to a 'non believer' makes you sound a little strange. 

Does Mrs Hinch have a sister?

Sophie often references a sister but it could be Jamie's sister. The pair are very close and share a love for storage hacks. 

Who represents Mrs Hinch?

She is represented by Gleam, the same company that looks after the hugely successful YouTuber Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella).

How much is Mrs Hinch worth?

It was reported that Sophie's first book was in a "heated" bidding war and finally won to Penguin for a huge amount. She makes her money via advertisements on her Instagram account. The Sun reported that she was set to make £1million once her first book was released.

Why does Mrs Hinch not use the Gretel old lady filter anymore? 

Because Snapchat removed it and she was very upset about it. Prior to the removal of the filter, Sophie explained to her followers why she used the Gretel filter: "For those wondering why I use Gretel instead of my own face is because press don't really print Gretel's face, people don't pull apart Gretel's appearance, her voice or anything at all! So she's like my security blanket! To post a picture of myself sents my chest into overdrive! Gretel helps me be who I am inside without worrying about people pulling me apart everyday. Which, sadly trolls do, and I'm not strong enough for that just yet."

Does Mrs Hinch get trolled?

Talking about the negative attention, she told Holly and Phil: "I need to shine a light on the fact that people are going through this, and there's a whole side of social media, influencer world."

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Does Mrs Hinch live in the same house now that she's famous?

Yes, until 2022 when they announced the news they would be moving, but they are keeping their first home within the family. Jamie and Sophie decided to extend their home. She has posted various videos of the extension, and fans are amazed by how her kitchen looks completely different

complete mrs hinch kitchen complete

Will Mrs Hinch ever bring out her own cleaning products range?

Well, that's what we're all waiting for. The clock is ticking, Mrs Hinch…

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