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20 graduation gift ideas for the class of 2023

The graduation gifts to make the special day even sweeter…

graduation gifts
Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Students up and down the country are graduating this year, or passing exams and preparing to take their first steps into the world of further education or employment. After all the exam stress, the tantrums, the revision timetables and saying no to fun times with friends, a little gift will go along way at congratulating them for making it through the other side. We've tried to make this gift edit as unisex as possible and lots of the options are catered towards university students. 

How we chose the best graduation gifts

Price: We don't think it's necessary to splash the cash on a graduation gift, and we know that sometimes people just want to make a small gesture rather than blow the budget on a gift. However, we've added a couple of big-ticket items, such as a bottle of celebratory champagne for those that want to spend that little bit more. 

Real-life input: The writer of this article may be pushing forty, but she still remembers the amazing feeling of graduation. To keep the gift edit modern we consulted Mallika, one of our amazing interns on the team. There's nothing better than someone who's already been there and done that, so Mallika gave us her opinion on the gift edit.

Personalisation or keepsake worthy: A lot of the gifts in this edit can be personalised, and that just adds another special touch to a gift. Likewise with keepsakes such as photo frames or photo books. 

We've picked out some lovely graduation gift ideas to celebrate the special day in time. Here's to the Class of 2023…

Best gifts for graduates of 2023

  1. 1/20

    Moonpig graduation card

    Moonpig Graduation Card

    A student says

    "As someone who is about to graduate, getting a personalised note is something I can cherish forever."

    Moonpig’s bona fide genius personalised card is designed as a newspaper displaying the picture of the recent graduate as a celebrity. Accompanied with motivational quotes, this gift is quirky and thoughtful at the same time. Gifting a personalised card to a graduate with a handwritten note can make their day without burning a hole in your pocket.

  2. 2/20

    Moonpig congratulations graduate card

    Moonpig Congrats Graduation Card

    A student says

    "I love dogs, so I believe whoever knows me best will give me this card because what can make me happier than a card with a dog’s face."

    Little things can make a big difference. A chihuahua as the face of a congratulations card will surely bring a smile to your face. Add a handwritten personal note and show them how proud you are with this simple yet classy congrats card.

  3. 3/20

    Bloom & Wild graduation flowers

    Bloom & Wild Celebration Flowers

    A student says

    "Although every GenZ has sworn by Miley Cyrus’s lyrics 'I can buy my own flowers' we are too shy to admit that we love receiving them once in a while."

    What better way to gift a graduate with a bunch of flowers. Bloom & Wild’s Let's Celebrate Duo is a bouquet of  15 stems consisting roses, limonium, alstroemeria, eucalyptus, spray carnations and solidago. Accompanied by indulgent Prestat chocolate truffles to complete your gift.

  4. 4/20

    Lola's cupcakes for graduation

    Lola's Cupcakes

    A student says

    "If your graduate has got a sweet tooth like me, there’s nothing better than Lola’s cupcakes. There’s no celebration without a cake and having a box of eight is better than having a big one."

    What better way to congratulate a graduate than to satiate their hunger. Opt from a variety of flavour boxes like blue and rainbow, pink and purple or the classic chocolate. Cupcakes are a well deserved treat of celebration for years of hard work.

  5. 5/20

    Graduation notebook

    Graduation Notebook

    A student says

    "Take it from a student, you can never go wrong with stationery." 


    The ideal present for a recent university graduate is NotOnTheHighStreet's personalised notebook. You can choose colours, add the graduate’s name and the university they went to and make it their own, perfect to pen down their thoughts.

  6. 6/20

    graduation photobook

    Graduation Photo Book

    A student says

    "I love reminiscing through my iPhone photo gallery, but the tangible touch of photos seems closer than any Snapchat memory."

    Although we all have photo albums stored in our phone, there’s something about hardcover photo books that make them special. Photo books are time capsules encapturing your most cherished memories, A perfect gift for the recently qualified to store their memories. Customisation available on size, type of cover and binding you decide to go with.

  7. 7/20

    GRADUATION chocolates from hotel chocola

    Hotel Chocolat Taste: Everything Collection

    A student says

    "Chocolates are the safest bet when it comes to gifting, it is always great to be on the receiving end." 

    For instant comfort, just add chocolate. This gift box from Hotel Chocolat is happiness in a hamper. This big box of treats contains an array of best-selling chocs. From chocolate batons to gooey caramels and nutty pralines - It's the ideal gift for people who like to taste a little bit of everything. 

  8. 8/20

    Graduation champagne

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Nv Champagne

    A student says

    "Champagne is a rich and luxurious gift that I would never say no to."

    The celebration isn’t complete without a bottle of bubbly. This bottle of fine champagne is a classy way to toast to their success. It's a celebration in a bottle, perfect for a graduation party or a quiet evening of reflection on their achievement. 

  9. 9/20

    graduation photo frame

    Graduation Photo Frame

    A student says

    "Be it my work desk or bedside table, I always like to have something that reminds me of good times, thus having a graduation picture frame reminding me of the time I spent abroad for my studies seems like an ideal gift."

    This stylish frame is the perfect place for their favourite graduation photo. It's a daily reminder of their achievement and the people who supported them along the way. 

  10. 10/20

    clever clogs chocolates graduation

    Clever Clogs Chocolate

    A student says

    "A customised chocolate with patterns and words is something I haven’t seen before and would love to try."

     There is only one thing that is better than chocolate, it is customisable chocolate bars. Clever Clog chocolate bar offers you a variety of choices in terms of pattern on the chocolate, the type of chocolate, milk or dark. This chocolate bar is a deliciously clever way to celebrate their achievement. It's a sweet treat that says, 'You're a clever clogs, and we're proud of you'.

  11. 11/20

    graduation cap and gown

    Graduation Cap & Gown

    A student says

    "Nobody told me I can add colours to my Graduation gown, I would love to have a Barbie graduation gown and cap with all the Barbieland colours."

    This is the quintessential graduation attire. It's a symbol of their hard work and dedication, and wearing it will make their graduation day feel even more special. The cherry on top is it comes in different colours. 

  12. 12/20

    Graduation print

    Graduation Print Gift

    A student says

    "As an International student, I will always cherish the time I spent abroad, since I spent most of my time at University, I will cherish a gift like this forever."

    This stylish print of their university location is a great keepsake. It's a piece of their journey that they can hang on their wall, reminding them of the place where they learned, grew, and made lasting memories. 

  13. 13/20

    aura frame for graduation

    Aura Carver WiFi Digital Picture Frame

    A student says

    "Digital frames are great, since I can add and remove the photos and personalise them."

    This digital frame is a modern way to display their favourite graduation photos. It's like a slideshow of good times, reminding them of their special day and the people who made it memorable. 

  14. 14/20

    graduation necklace by swarovski

    Swarovski Symbolic Pendant

    A student says

    "I am so big on energies and healing stones so getting a clover pendant will be a good reminder of the fact how lucky I am."

    This clover pendant isn't just beautiful, it's also a symbol of good luck. It's a thoughtful gift that wishes them luck in their future endeavours, reminding them that they always have a bit of luck on their side.

  15. 15/20

    Funny Graduation Mug

    A student says

    "When I am working, I am a tea-holic so I need a mug by my side always and a graduation is all I can ask for."

    This novelty mug is a fun and practical gift. It's perfect for the graduate who loves a good cup of coffee or tea. Plus, it's a daily reminder of their achievement every time they use it. 

  16. 16/20

    graduation cake topper

    Graduation Cake Topper

    A student says

    "While the cake finishes as soon as we eat it, I would probably keep my cake topper as a keepsake, reminding me of the beautiful day it was." 

    This cake topper is the perfect finishing touch for their graduation cake. It's a fun and festive addition to their graduation party, and it's a keepsake they can keep as a reminder of their special day. 

  17. 17/20

    graduation business cards

    Graduation Business Cards

    A student says

    "I will feel like a grown up with the card holder and I will make sure I flaunt it."

    This business card holder is a practical and stylish gift. It's perfect for the graduate who's about to step into the professional world. Plus, it's a reminder that they're not just a graduate, they're a professional now. 

  18. 18/20

    GRADUATION keyring

    Graduation Keyring

    A student says

    "I am not someone who likes big expensive gifts, I’d rather get something more functional, so getting a key ring fits the description without making much of a hassle." 

    This keyring is a small gift with a big message. It's a reminder that the world is their oyster, and they have the potential to achieve anything they set their mind to. 

  19. 19/20

    graduation print artwork

    Graduation Artwork Wall Art

    A student says

    "I might be moving out for a job which means I will have a new place, so decorating it with something familiar will help me make the place my own."

    This personalised print is a unique and thoughtful gift. It's a piece of art that celebrates their achievement and the journey they took to get there. Plus, it's a beautiful addition to their home decor.

  20. 20/20

    gold star photo holder

    Gold Star Photo Holder

    A student says

    "I remember the excitement I used to get when I was in school and my teacher marked me with gold stars, that’s the same feeling I am getting when I see this gift."

    This photo holder is a stylish and practical gift. It's perfect for displaying their favourite graduation photo, and it's a daily reminder of their star status. 

Meet the expert

Mallika Barsaley, graduate
Mallika Barsaley is a Journalism MA student

Soon-to-be graduate Mallika Barsaley studied MA in International Journalism at City, University of London. Although she missed her graduation when she completed her bachelors due to the pandemic, her friends and family compensated with innovative gifts to celebrate the occasion. "I have always been a studious student and I love to celebrate that hard work with some amazing gifts and this time I am expecting no less," she said. Considering she is the eldest child in the house , the major responsibility of gifting innovative things to her siblings became her job. Therefore, she is a pro in deciding what gifts work.

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