Joe Wicks' £7 weaning gadget for baby Marley is a total life-saver for parents

The Body Coach's son has just started weaning

Joe Wicks has recently started weaning his six-month-old son Marley, and he revealed he has the best kitchen gadget to help keep his leftover baby food fresh.

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On Monday, The Body Coach shared a video of his youngest child trying broccoli for the first time in the form of a homemade puree. After cleaning up the mess, Joe revealed his wife Rosie was spooning the leftover baby food into small plastic containers which are stored in a yellow tray in the freezer. 

Rosie spooned the leftover baby food into freezer pots

"These are great for storing leftovers and reheating in a bowl of hot water," Joe captioned the video, before saying, "Now we have a few days worth of puree." The bargain Amazon buy costs just £7.23, and considering Joe is only on day two of his weaning journey with Marley, we imagine he'll get plenty more use out of the pots!

Baby food freezer cubes, £7.23, Amazon


Joe has promised to walk fans through the weaning process and has kept to his word by sharing several photos of Marley's first meal on Instagram. Next to several photos of his son grinning as he spooned the green mixture into his mouth (and all down his front!) the father-of-two wrote: "We have just kicked off Marley’s weaning journey with his first taste of broccoli. We boiled and purée some with some formula milk and also let him explore a bit as finger food. We are following the two-week veg led approach described in my book: Wean in 15." Potatoes, green beans, asparagus and swede are next on his list.

Baby Marley tried broccoli for the first time on Monday

His Wean in 15 book also documented his daughter Indie's weaning experience, and judging by the photo he shared on his Instagram Stories, she wasn't a fan of her first taste of solids either! A sweet snap shows a young Indie grimacing as she spat out her food, so here's to hoping Marley likes vegetables more than his sister.

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