James and Ola Jordan: why Ola's parents won't be able to see Ella until her first birthday 

The pair have given their latest update on baby Ella's life in their Strictly Parenting column

James and Ola Jordan weren't surprised when this week's COVID-19 restrictions were put into place, but unfortunately it means that their plan for Ola's parents to meet Ella for the first time over Christmas is looking less and less likely. See what they had to say about the situation in their Strictly Parenting column... 

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Speaking about whether her mum and dad, who live in Poland, would still be coming over for the festive season as they had hoped, Ola says: "I don't think so. I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened and one of them caught COVID. They both have health issues so I think we need to wait for Ella's first birthday or Easter. 

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"We talk every day on the phone, they get to see her and I send loads of videos. I know it's not the same and they want a cuddle, but I'd be really scared for them. It's hard but yeah, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if anything did happen." 

Their gorgeous baby girl is growing up fast!

Ella is growing up fast, and will be seven months old in just a few days! Unfortunately growing up means teething, and the pair admit that she has been struggling. "Little madam is a bit mopey," Ola explains. "I think it's her teeth. They're bothering her, they're both broken through the skin. The last few days she's been moany. She didn't sleep well last night." 

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James continues: "She also has a red bum at the moment which is unusual for her but a friend said when they're teething their bums can sometimes get sore which is really weird! They don't have teeth in their bums do they! But apparently, they're linked together." 

Poor Ella has had a hard time with teething

The new parents reveal that their daughter has also realised that she can hit her mum and dad if she's cross, and James says: "A new thing is that she's started hitting daddy in the face and pulling his hair. She's trying to tell me to get a haircut. I don't think she does it because she finds it funny, it's when she's in a bad mood. When she's tired, maybe, she'll start smacking me. It's weird, isn't it? It's not a taught thing but she's learned how to smack!" 

"Yeah it's when she's a bit grumpy," Ola agrees. 

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In the new exclusive video for HELLO!, little Ella looks like she is on the brink of crawling, and James and Ola are clearly excited to see her in action. "She is so close!" James says. "She pushes right up on her toes. Sometimes I think she's about to stand up." 

"She can't really work it out," Ola adds. "She gets on her knees she keeps her arms in place and face plants... Some babies go straight to walking but I think she'll start crawling first. She's brilliant at going backwards though."  

Ella with her grandad Allan

Teasing his wife, James jokes: "She's just trying things out. She's a woman though so it takes her longer, doesn't it?" to which she laughed, replying: "Oi!"  

The Dancing on Ice winner continues: "Until she's ready herself, she's not going to do it. She works things out on her own. She's started to do this thing where she'll put her head on the floor and nearly do a headstand. I think her core strength is good for a golf swing!" 

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When asked if they thought Ella was going to follow in their footsteps as a dancer, James says: "I want to travel around the world with her playing golf and I'll be her caddy... It's a given that she'll be able to dance, but it's whatever she wants to do." 

James is keen for Ella to be a golfer one day!

The youngster adores spending time with her mum and dad, and James and Ola admit that she'll be upset if she's left alone. 

"She's quite needy," Ola explains. "She wants to be around people, she's quite happy when someone's around her, but she doesn't like being left on her own. She's such a daddy's girl, she's cuddling her daddy right now." 

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James says: "I would say she's more a mummy's girl! Ola went to get her hair done the other day and Ella was quite miserable after she left. She knew her mum wasn't there, she was looking for her all around the kitchen and getting a little upset." 

James says Ella is a mummy's girl

"They FaceTimed me and she was doing a sad face on the phone," Ola says. "But she was fine. Daddy looked after her!" 

"And I let her climb on the sofa and the other naughty things mummy won't let her do," James jokes.

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The pair are certainly getting used to their home being subject to Ella's things, as Ola explains: "When Ella goes to bed, the first thing I do is tidy up all the toys, it drives me crazy! When we come to James' mum and dad, I just bring so much stuff with me and they're like, 'Oh my God,' because there's so much stuff that comes with the baby!" 

James continues: "She's taken over our house! We've always been very house proud and very particular but her things are now everywhere. There comes to a point where you just have to let go." 

Check back next week for the latest updates on baby Ella in James and Ola's Strictly Parenting column

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