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James and Ola Jordan share adorable video of baby Ella learning to crawl – watch!

The proud parents recently celebrated their daughter turning six months old

james and ola
Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior Features Writer
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It's a moment every parent treasures, and for James and Ola Jordan, it's not going to be long before baby Ella starts crawling! The proud mum and dad, who welcomed their daughter back in February this year, recently shared a precious clip of the little one on her tummy as she gets to grips with her movement. Watch the adorable video and read the latest in their Strictly Parenting column below…

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WATCH: Baby Ella is learning to crawl!

"It's quite a recent thing, she's obviously getting stronger when she's on her front, she's almost doing push-ups, but then she started lifting her bum off the floor and doing planks," explains James, as Ola quips: "She's better at doing planks than me!"

"She's trying to bring her knees in, so she's trying to learn how to crawl. She gets frustrated [because] she's able to spin in circles and she's able to push herself backwards but she can't go forwards at the moment." Ola adds: "She gets frustrated when she can't get to her toy," at which point little Ella can be heard in the background joining the conversation!

james and ola baby ella

The proud parents also shared this cute snap

Keen to know more about the technique babies use when they're exploring movement, James explains: "I'm one of these people who Googles everything, and it actually says on Google that if you try and help them sit up, which she can kind of do on her own now, it makes their back stronger and then that's when they're able to start crawling."

"We've noticed how much she's on all fours now, so she's on her knees now, and then she's rocking like she's trying," Ola explains further, with James interjecting: "She's still trying to work it out." 

The pair also gushed about how they're loving watching their daughter's character develop as times goes on. "She's definitely getting more mobile, she's grabbing things more and she's started to grab my face and nose…" James laughs, as Ola adds proudly: "Her little personality is coming out more and more now."

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ella jordan in tutu

The couple recently celebrated Ella turning six months old

While James and Ola are thrilled with Ella's impressive learning skills, the couple are acutely aware of how much things will change once their daughter is on the move! "Obviously [we] want her to crawl but at the same time you get worried," states Ola, as James adds: "When we speak to our friends they say 'You'll turn around and they'll just be gone!'" 

He continues: "We've got low coffee tables and things like that that are quite sharp and we'll need to bubble wrap everything and make it more child friendly, so as soon as she starts moving we're going to need to have a look at what we need to make safe." 

ola ella

James and Ola are loving watching Ella's personality grow

It was last week that James and Ola celebrated Ella turning six months old, which saw Ola post an adorable picture of the little one on her Instagram, and the couple are still getting their heads around having a six-month-old baby. 

"It is weird like we've had six months of baby now, it's strange. Especially [as] my mum and dad haven't met her yet so that's quite hard," explains Ola. James, reflecting on the recent coronavirus restrictions imposed by the government, continues: "For us it's quite tough… especially with my dad being ill. But everyone else is in the same boat, it's tough times."

James' dad Allan recently celebrated his birthday, which saw the family enjoy a meal out together. Reflecting on how his dad is doing, James explains: "He's still going through his chemo and radiotherapy, he's trying to remain positive.

"Mentally he's a very strong person but it's tough for everyone because obviously watching him get weaker is sad, but this Monday he finishes his radiotherapy and then he gets a bit of a break. So touch wood, he's going to be able to get strong again, but it's tough at the moment."

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james jordan dad

James gave an update on his dad Allan's health

Meanwhile, the couple spoke about their plans for baby Ella to be in her own bed last week, but after asking how Ella's progress in her new bed has been, the couple can't help but laugh aloud, exclaiming, "It hasn't!" Ola adds: "Mummy and daddy don't want to let go!" 

"You know what, everyone says 'at six months you should do this, you should do that', but I think that you've got to do what you feel is right for you and for your baby, and we personally don't want her to be in her own room at the moment," says James. "Maybe we're making a rod for our own back, but we're not ready yet so means another few weeks or maybe she'll be 21 and still sleeping in with us!"

james and ella

James posted this hilarious pic on Instagram recently

After a brush with some challenging sleep routines in recent times, mum Ola is confident she's solved the mystery. "I think what happened was she wasn't getting enough food, that's what I think. I've topped up her food in a day so she is eating three meals a day now, plus her milk obviously, and she sleeps well. So I think it was food more than anything."

James continues: "Because when we started weaning her first of all we'd only feed her once a day so she gets used to it," as Ola continues: "Obviously you don't want them to get allergic to anything so you do it in small bits but then she's hungry."

It seems that Ella has quite the sophisticated palate! "She's eating chicken now, she's going to have salmon today," says Ola, with James adding: "The other day we gave her just avocado, but she didn't really want it but then if we mix it with potato and broccoli and different things she'll eat it." 

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ola and ella 1© Photo: Instagram

Ola revealed her verdict on Ella's sleep routine

Worrying about the perils of weaning and sleep routines is part and parcel of parenthood, however James did admit he worries far more than he anticipated since becoming a dad. "I think I get stressed about everything more than I thought I would, I thought I'd be relaxed."

However, he admits, he can be a soft touch, too. "I [also] thought I'd be quite regimented and everything, but I think I'm a bit softer than I realise."

"You can get all the books in the world about babies and [think] 'this time you should do this, this time you should do that', but you have to find it for yourself because you're going to do a totally different thing to what it says in the book," Ola states. "Every baby is different and you just have to go with your heart and do what you feel is right." 

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Echoing this, James adds: "Everyone think they're an expert, the best piece of advice we've had from friends is 'don't listen to everyone, you'll work it out yourself'. Obviously, you'll ring people for advice if something's happen and go 'Oh did this happen when you had a baby?' But generally with food and sleep and things like that, it's not rocket science, you work it out on your own. And everyone is different." 

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