Alex Jones shares adorable video of son Kit playing in the park

The doting mum took Kit for a stroll in the sunshine

Nichola Murphy

Alex Jones has been making the most of the autumnal weather, taking her youngest son Kit for a stroll in the park to play in the leaves.

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In a new Instagram video, Alex could be seen holding Kit's hand as he kicked the piles of fallen orange and yellow leaves before the one-year-old adventured off on his own to climb a tree trunk.

Dressing for the cooler weather, the doting mum-of-two opted for a grey jumper and black teddy coat, which was only just visible as she held onto Kit, who was bouncing around in blue jeans and a blue waterproof jacket covered with animals. 

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WATCH: Alex Jones' son Kit playing in the park is too cute for words

The One Show host didn't caption the sweet video, but that didn't stop fans from sharing their thoughts in the comments section. 

One wrote: "Ah bless him cannot believe how quick he is growing," and another remarked: "He is growing up so fast, so cute. Loving the leaves." A third added: "Awww how cute, it seems just like yesterday you were pregnant Alex."

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Here's to hoping that Alex is feeling more rested after her two sons had kept her up during the early hours of the morning a few weeks ago. 


Alex is a doting mum to Teddy and Kit

Sharing a close-up video on her Instagram Story, the presenter said: "The eyes of a mother whose children decided not to sleep between 1am and 5am. Can makeup fix this? I hope so."

She later appeared looking fresh and gorgeous in a Suzannah London blouse and black jeans on The One Show, so we reckon her mission was accomplished! 

When the weather isn't so lovely, Alex can always turn to arts and crafts instead of family outings – which is exactly what she did with her eldest son Teddy over the weekend.


The One Show host created artwork with Teddy over the weekend

The pair created some Halloween-themed artwork, with little Teddy's voice audible in the background. The famous mum explained that they were making spiderwebs out of salt and glue.

"What are we making Ted?" she could be heard saying. "A spider web," a little voice replied.

"A spider web with glue and salt," Alex clarified, to which Teddy responded: "Yeah."

She then told the little lad: "I really love yours," and he hilariously replied: "Yeah we really love yours."

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