Bridgerton baby names! 23 Regency inspired monikers for your future Lord or Lady

For parents who love the Netflix series...

Nichola Murphy

Do you love the idea of naming your future child after your favourite TV character? Many expectant mums and dads get inspiration from movies and TV series, and Bridgerton is sure to be a hit when it comes to choosing a moniker.

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If you're sitting at home binge-watching the Netflix series, then you may have noticed some of the Regency era names. 

While some may seem quite unusual choices nowadays, the popularity of the show may see a spike in these monikers going forward. Plus, there is still plenty of choice for those seeking more traditional baby names – including Prince William's!

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Bella Baby has put together a list inspired by the period drama, from the Duke of Hastings' name to the members of the Bridgerton family and even the mysterious Lady Whistledown herself (spoiler alert!).

Keep scrolling to get some ideas for your newborn girls and boys, and find out what the names mean...

Girls names inspired by Bridgerton

1. Bridget - Irish origin, means strength or exalted one

2. Cressida - Greek origin, means gold 

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3. Daphne - Greek origin, means Laurel tree or bay tree

4. Eloise - French/English origin, means healthy or wide 

5. Francesca - Italian origin, means from France or free man 

6. Genevieve - French origin, means tribe woman 


Bridgerton offers plenty of baby name inspiration for parents

7. Hyacinth - Greek origin, means blue larkspur or precious stone

8. Isabel - Spanish origin, means pledged to God 

9. Kitty - English origin, means pure 

10. Marina - Latin origin, means from the sea

11. Penelope - Greek, means weaver 

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12. Uriana - Greek origin, means the unknown 

13. Violet - Latin origin, means purple

Boys names inspired by Bridgerton

1. Anthony - Latin origin, means priceless one 

2. Jeffrey - German/English origin, means pledge of peace

3. Lord - English origin, means loaf keeper


Prince William's name made the cut!

4. Nigel - Irish origin, means dark or black-haired 

5. Oliver - Latin origin, means olive tree 

6. Quinn - Irish origin, means intelligence or chief leader 

7. Reginald - English origin, means counsel or power 

8. Simon - Hebrew origin, means the listener 

9. Thompson - English origin, means son of Tom 

10. William - English origin, means resolute protection

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