Jamie Oliver's wife Jools freaks out fans with new photo of son Buddy's pet

Buddy is one brave boy!

Jamie Oliver's son Buddy is following in his father's footsteps with his passion for food and natural ability in front of the camera - not to mention his fearless personality. On Monday, Jamie's wife Jools shocked fans with new photos of their eldest son, 10, holding his beloved pet... a snake!

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Buddy was seen playing with the red and white striped creature, grinning as he let it slither all over his hands.

Jools captioned the snap: "When you really really [love] your pet snake so much!! I am also trying too @jimmysfarm xxx."

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The mother-of-five's followers were stunned by the photos, taking to the comments section to say how brave Buddy is and commending Jools for facing her own fears.

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One shared: "no! I can’t do a snake even if it looks like a candy cane!!" while another posted: "You are so brave!!! I mean he is so brave and you are as well for allowing him to have it as a pet. I don’t think I would ever be able to have snake as a pet in my house".

Buddy proudly showed off his new pet snake - argh!

Another praised Jools and Jamie's parenting, saying: "You are very brave. I have three boys and I am waiting for the day they ask for some kind of slithering or creepy crawly pet. Mummy will be saying no no no! Only a dog so far. Buddy looks super happy though which is the most important thing."

One fan queried: "What's snakes name?, does it grow any bigger? this size I could cope with, I think".

Jools replied: "Saffron Noodle is his name!!!! But actually it’s very gentle but I still haven't held it yet!!!! X". We don't blame her…

Buddy has called his new pet Saffron Noodle

Jamie and Jools are devoted parents to their five children; Buddy, Poppy Honey, 19, Daisy Boo, 18, Petal Blossom, 12, and four-year-old River Rocket.

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