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Exclusive: James and Ola Jordan's toddler Ella gives HELLO! tour of their new home - video

The former Strictly Come Dancing pros share one child together. Catch up on their weekly parenting column below…

Ella Jordan looks at a rainbow
Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
14 May 2023
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It's been another busy week for James and Ola Jordan with coronation celebrations, settling into their new house and the couple dancing for the children at their daughter Ella's nursery.

Ola put on a sparkly dress for the fun performance, which the kids loved. Can you believe this was one of the star couple's most nerve-wracking dances? They wanted to make their three-year-old daughter proud and they did just that.

In our exclusive video below, you can watch sweet Ella taking us on a tour around the family's new home. It looks like they are settling in nicely.

WATCH: Ella Jordan takes HELLO! on a tour of her immaculate new home

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Ella loves her new home

James: Ella cried going into nursery today. She woke up and said, 'I don't want to go to nursery'.

Ola: I think she woke up and it was quite sunny so she wanted to stay at home and play. She started to play with her toys, and I said, 'Ella, we've got to get ready' but she didn't want to. Yesterday it was rainy, and she didn't mind going.

James: She loves going outside in her garden here and going on her scooter.

When we lived in our old big house, there was no way she could have gone on her scooter out the front because it was like a ski slope, and out the back, she had to wait for us to come down because we had a pool. Here she goes out, plays on her scooter and really enjoys it, so it's nice.

Ella Jordan eats an ice cream
Ella Jordan eats an ice cream

Ola: It's funny because she just 'owns it', like 'owning' this house because she just puts her shoes on and goes out. She goes, 'I'm going out mummy'. 

James: My friend came round the other day and Ella was being a bit bolshy. He went, 'Oh my god, she's like a 16-year-old already' – because he's got a teenager.

HELLO!: What does Ella love most about the new house?

Ola: I think she likes the kitchen lounge area. She really likes her bedroom. She still comes into our bed at night, but it's my fault, I love it. I still get my cuddles in the morning. I don't want to give it up yet.

Ola Jordan with daughter Ella
Ola Jordan with daughter Ella

James: She also loves the playroom. She's got her own room with her toys in to play. In our last big house, she played in the lounge. We don't really have any toys in our lounge now. We used to have a ball pit and trampoline in there! Now the trampoline is outside, and the ball pit is at the rubbish dump.

Ola: No, we've 'lost' it on the way here. It's not at the dump. That's what we said to Ella. We once got rid of a toy horse because it was so big and she kept asking about it afterwards so we had to say we lost it.

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James and Ola's nursery dance

Ola: Last week we performed a dance at Ella's nursery for all the children. We did the Cha Cha and Jive. It was a big day for us.

It was quite funny… I thought Ella would just be running up to us, but she didn't, did she? She sat there on her chair and waved to us. She knew we were coming to dance because we told her.

James: And she got the giggles; the only child to get the giggles.

HELLO!: Wait till she's 13!

James: Hang on a minute, I'll be nearly 60!

Ola: I reckon we'll still be doing it, babe.

ola james jordan strictly
Ola and James in their Strictly days

HELLO!: What was it like performing for the children?

Ola: I was quite nervous because the teachers were there and all the kids. Some of the dances are quite fast and I didn't want to scare the kids with the fast moves, because some of them are still really little and very timid. Watching Ella there, she's quite a confident kid in her nursery.

James: It's the first time Ella has seen us properly dance.

Afterwards, the kids all got up and danced with us to music. They kept saying, 'One more! One more!' I was going, 'I can't! I'm knackered. You're not getting any more!' It was really sweet. There were little girls coming up to me too…

Ola: Yeah, they just wanted to dance with him! One of Ella's friends loves James. Some of the mums were texting me saying, 'Oh I wish I was in the nursery today. I was so jealous of my son or daughter.'

James: You didn't tell me that.

Ola: Sorry I forgot. Hopefully we did a nice thing for the kids though.

James and Ola Jordan with daughter Ella
James and Ola Jordan with daughter Ella

James: It was a weird feeling because we were nervous about performing in front of our daughter. I wanted her to be proud of us.

Ola: She loved it. The next day she said, 'Mummy are you going to come to the nursery to dance again?' I went, 'Oh no Ella, maybe in 10 years' time!!'

James: The nursery had asked us to perform. Once a week, parents have been going in – they've had a policeman go in, a fireman, a parent who's cabin crew – and parents have been talking about what they do, and they asked if we'd come in and do something for the kids. We said of course. Because it was for our daughter, we didn't even question it.

Ola: I said to James, we'll just wear our tracksuits, but then I thought about it and realised, no, I need to put a sparkly dress on because the kids would love it. So I did. I got all dressed up and when I walked in the kids were so excited because it was sparkly everywhere. They loved it. They were touching my dress, going, 'Wow!'

The Jordans celebrate the coronation

Ola: We had a lovely time at our friend's coronation party, it's just a shame the weather was bad so we ended up being in the house all the time. We're lucky to have friends who put on all the food etc. I'm not really that sort of entertainer person.

James: Ella loved it, her friend Todd and other kids were there. We stayed until about 9pm.

Ola: I've got a cute photo of Ella wearing a Princess Kate mask!

Ella Jordan wears a Princess Kate mask
Ella Jordan wears a Princess Kate mask

James: She learnt about the coronation at nursery. We were watching it on TV and we said, 'Look Ella that's the King.' She said, 'The Queen died mummy'. She kind of knows a bit about what's going on.

Ella Jordan watches King Charles be crowned
Ella Jordan watches King Charles be crowned

Ola: When I play with her, she goes, 'Mummy, you're the Queen that died and I'm the Princess.' I said, 'Oh thanks Ella!'

James: Well sometimes you do look rough in the morning! [James gets a telling off for this]

Ella Jordan had fun at the coronation party
Ella Jordan had fun at the coronation party

Ella starts swimming lessons!

James: Ella's got her first swimming lesson on Sunday. I'm not sure if she understands really, she thinks it's just swimming.

Ola: James is going to go in with her because he's a better swimmer than me.

James: I'm not going to swim with her though.

Ola: No, but you encourage her more than I would with certain things.

ella swim
Ella and James in their old pool

HELLO!: Does she have to wear a swimming hat? Some swimming schools have different coloured hats for different lesson stages.

James: Does she have to wear a hat? I did see some kids with hats on there and thought it was weird. Well, I'll just say she doesn't have to wear it. Why does she have to wear one if she doesn't want to?

Ola: Why are you getting funny about a hat? Sometimes it's not a choice. If you've got to wear a hat, you wear a hat.

James: But I'll say no! She has a right not to wear it. I'll tell you what happens about the hat!

Eek! We'll bring you all the news on 'hat-gate' next week…

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