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EXCLUSIVE: James and Ola Jordan's toddler Ella helps out with house move - video

The former Strictly dancers have moved into a brand-new home with their daughter

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Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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It's been a full-on week for James and Ola Jordan and their three-year-old daughter Ella, as the family have moved into their new home.

The professional dancers have shared an exclusive video of their big move with HELLO! and you can watch the whole process in the clip below – isn't little Ella the cutest helping her mum and dad?

WATCH: Ella is so happy as she moves into her new home

In their weekly column, the Jordans tell us all about their new home, how they handled doing the move themselves (did someone say "faffing"?) and their plans for decorating.

This weekend, the couple are taking a well-earned break from unpacking boxes and filming new content for their workout programme, Dance Shred, to go to a friend's coronation party, which Ella is super-excited about.

Catch up on James, Ola and Ella's week here…

James and Ola Jordan with daughter Ella
James and Ola Jordan with daughter Ella

The big move

HELLO!: How is the new house?

Ola: It's great. We're really happy here. I mean, it's a mess and there's loads to be done but it's nice. It was a long weekend for us with moving, and obviously James always has this bright idea of doing it himself and not getting a removal company in – but then he doesn't do it himself… he gets everyone else involved, his friends and me as well, lifting heavy stuff.

James: What did you lift that was heavy?

Ola: That bed.

James: Yeah, but there's only little bits of the bed.

Ola: He forgets that it's not just him doing it.

Ella Jordan out of the window of her old house
Ella Jordan out of the window of her old house

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James: Anyway, it's good for my OCD because I do things in a structured way. I get all the bits in that I want done first, whereas a removal company just want to get in and out. I have a system.  

Ola: Normally James says he's not a faffer and he calls me a faffer. Well! Let me tell you, he was faffing a lot with this move. I wasn't brave enough at the time to say, 'Babe you're faffing,' because he would have just told me where to go, so I was sitting there quietly looking at him faffing around.

James: I definitely started faffing towards the end. I'm not going to deny it. I'm not normally a faffer though, I'm a doer.

Ella visits her new house
Ella visits her new house

Ella helps mum and dad

HELLO!: Did Ella help out with the move?

Ola: Ella was good. She was at nursery on Friday and then afterwards she helped out. She was helping move boxes and unpack stuff.

HELLO!: Is the house starting to feel like home?

James: It does, yeah. The kitchen and living area are bigger than in our last house. It has what we need, and Ella's been playing outside more than she has done anywhere else. It doesn't have the swimming pool, cinema room, bar or pool table, but it works for us.

Ola: Ella's more important. She doesn't use the pool table or the bar or the gym! I suppose you do a lot for your kids, so everything's for Ella now. She's got a playroom here and a lovely garden.

Ella with her dad James Jordan
Ella with her dad James Jordan

James: She's settled into her new bedroom – the only thing is, we have no curtains at the moment, so it's very bright when she goes to sleep. We need to order some blackout blinds that you can stick on the window. She's been waking up early every morning due to the light.

Ella said she wanted a pink room, but she changes her mind. She'll wake up in the morning and say she wants a red bed and a blue wall – you never know what she'll say. I think we'll have one wall papered in her room. I like to live in a place for a while before deciding on how to decorate.

The super cute Ella Jordan© Ola and James Jordan
The super cute Ella Jordan

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Who's in charge of décor?

Ola: I would say there's always an argument and I think that's the only time we really argue - when we're doing a house up.

James: We argued about the kitchen, didn't we?

Ola: No we didn't. I wasn't sure about the colour of the kitchen, so I let him pick but I didn't know if I liked his choice. I said to myself, 'If it's bad then I'll just blame him'. I've got to say though, when I walked in here, I liked it. He did well. It's a light sage green.

James: So did I make the best choice?

Ola: No, I think my choice would still be good.

James: Clinical and white. Like a hospital kitchen…

Ola: I'll have the last say with curtains in the house, but James is very involved with the interior design. I'd say normally men don't get that involved in it but James is very involved, which sometimes annoys me. I'm like, 'Just let me do it!'

James: A man can't win. If us men don't get involved, women say, 'Oh you never get involved, you don't care about it.' Then when you do get involved, it's, 'Why do you always get involved?!' Whatever we do, we can't win.

ola and james jordan
James and Ola Jordan have moved house

Celebrating the coronation

HELLO!: Is your new road having a street party for the coronation?

James: I don't think so but literally just round the corner, walking distance from here, they are preparing for it.

We're actually going to our friend's house over in Crowborough and they're having a big party. Ella's friend Todd will be there so she's excited about that. They've got fireworks in the evening and there will be a barbecue and a bouncy castle. They've got a park out the back of their house and I think there are celebrations going on there too with stalls.

Ella Jordan with her friend Todd in London© James Jordan
Ella Jordan with her friend Todd

Dancing at home

James: We've been really busy this week filming new content for Dance Shred. We're about to release a new six-week shred plan for summer. The workouts have new routines like disco and samba.

HELLO!: How have you fit in your daily workouts with the house move?

James: You know what, I'm not going to lie, the last few days we haven't done it due to the move, but we'll get right back on it. One of the days I did about 26,000 steps.

Ola Jordan and James Jordan at Strictly red carpet launch© getty
Ola Jordan and James Jordan at the Strictly red carpet launch

HELLO!: And you've been posting dance videos on your TikTok page…does Ella get involved?

James: She does get involved in some of them. The video that got 8.5m views featured Ella on her scooter. It seems like people want to see her more than us! So we need to do more with her.

It's just finding the time though; I think we're going to be unpacking boxes for goodness knows how long!


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