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Exclusive: James and Ola Jordan clash over decision with cute toddler Ella

The former Strictly dancers have differing views on child ear piercings

James and Ola Jordan with daughter Ella
Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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Fellow parents will relate to James and Ola Jordan's latest debate in this week's HELLO! parenting column.

The professional dancers, who shot to fame on Strictly Come Dancing, have shared their thoughts on their three-year-old daughter Ella getting her ears pierced – one parent thinks Ella should wait until she's older, while the other advocates ear piercings on babies. It's an interesting point and one that will surely get their fans talking.

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Also in the Jordans' column this week, Ella tells us all about an unfortunate incident at nursery, James reveals he's had more tattoos (his reaction is surprising) and it's all go on the house move front.

Catch up on James, Ola and Ella's news here…


Ella's nursery incident

HELLO!: How is nursery Ella, is it fun?

Ella: No. A girl kicked me.

Ola: Someone kicked her at nursery yesterday. She wasn't happy. She probably didn't mean to do it, Ella…

Ella: She did mean to.

James: And what did you do?

Ella: I didn't kick her back.

Ella Jordan looks at a rainbow
Ella Jordan looks at a rainbow

HELLO!: Did you tell the teacher?

James: Yeah, she's a bit of a grass! She grasses us up to each other all the time.

Ella: I'm not a grass! I am Ella!

Ola: She comes to me and goes, 'Mummy, daddy took YOUR car'.

James: You know what, it's probably the right way. I'd prefer that she kicked them back but I'm not going to push it on her; she's got to do what she thinks is right.

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James celebrates his birthday with a new tattoo

HELLO!: Happy birthday James! We saw on your Instagram Stories that you got a new tattoo…

James: I did yeah. We won't talk about it. I got both my hands done and I hate it. I got it done the day after my birthday. I've got 'Loyalty' and 'Family First' tattooed on my hands.

HELLO!: What does Ella think of your new tattoos?

James: She doesn't like it.

Ella: No, I like it a little bit. A little bit.

James Jordan and daughter Ella cuddle© instagram
James Jordan and daughter Ella cuddle

HELLO!: Did it hurt?

James: No. I tell you what did hurt though… I had a tattoo on my right arm which has been there for about 23 years, and it started looking a bit tired.

Ola: So he decided to have it removed with laser.

James: Oh my god, the pain! I can't even tell you how painful it is. I did that two days ago, so my arm is red raw at the moment.

HELLO!: Ola, what do you think about his tattoos?

Ola: I like tattoos, so I don't mind it. He would never go and have them done if I didn't like it. I liked them, but if he's not happy with them then that makes me sad – and he can't just get rid of it easily. He's definitely having a mid-life crisis!

But I had a mid-life crisis as well because I had my ears pierced about eight weeks ago at the top. It's so painful, I still can't sleep on my right ear. I don't know what's going on with the pair of us!

James: We'll both get our teeth done next, our noses… [laughs].

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The great ear-piercing debate

Ola: See, this is a good one because I would have liked Ella to have her ears pierced when she was younger – you do it when they're really young. People do it when they are babies because they don't remember the pain.

James: Or you just wait until they say, 'Mummy I want my ears pierced'.

Ola: My mum waited with me. I remember having them pierced, but I remember how painful it was and how traumatised I was. If it was me, I probably would have had Ella's ears pierced earlier but because of James, I wouldn't even question it. I know he wouldn't let me.

James: Yeah, no chance.

Obviously, each to their own, but I also think it's quite nice that she's going to get to an age where she says 'Mummy, daddy, can I get my ears pierced?' and we'll go, 'Sure, it's going to really hurt,' and have those conversations. Then you go together. Rather than forcing her.

If we'd done it when she was a baby, you haven't given her that choice, have you? Surely that should be her choice.

Ola: I do agree with that, and it's also part of growing up, having your ears pierced.

Ola Jordan with daughter Ella
Ola Jordan with daughter Ella

James: That's just our opinion. But then I've got my hands tattooed so I can't really talk, can I? At 45 years old I should know better!

HELLO!: What happens if Ella comes to you when she's 15 and says, 'I want a tattoo, Daddy'?

Ola and James in unison: Absolutely not!

James: All the time you live under my roof Ella, you will not have a tattoo, otherwise, you move out!

HELLO!: So what does Ella think about earrings?

Ola: Ella, what do you think of mummy's earrings? Do you like them or not?

Ella: Not really.

James: That's her new word at the moment, 'really'. You don't like mummy's earrings?

Ella: Yes, a little bit. A big bit.


The new house is nearly ready…

James: We move into our new house next Friday!

Ola: We're very excited, we can't wait.

James: It's pretty much finished, I think. We'll be packing up next week. It'll be an easier move this time as a lot of our stuff is already packed up in boxes in our garage.

HELLO!: Are you having a housewarming party?

Ola: Definitely, in the summer in the garden. It's not a big garden but it's enough for Ella and I don't have to worry about a swimming pool like in the old house. As good as the pool was, it's always a worry. Even though the cover we had was 100 per cent safe, I still don't want Ella in the garden without me watching.

I wanted to be able to be in the kitchen doing dinner while she's playing outside and I've got an eye on her through the window. There are a lot of young children who live nearby too, which will be nice for Ella.

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