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Beauty question: how do I get perfect eyebrows?

The shape of your eyebrows is important: they can soften, and beautify any expression - or do just the opposite!

November 23, 2010
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If the eyes are the window to the soul, just think how important it is that your eyebrows provide a suitable frame for that window. Unkempt brows can make even the most beautiful face less attractive. So, when you're busy with your beauty routine, don't neglect this key part. Here are a few tips for brows to be proud of:

  • First, you need to identify the natural line of the brow and only pluck hairs from beneath it, not above it. Obviously, that isn't to say you shouldn't eliminate stragglers growing out on the temples, but don't get tweezer-happy or you'll ruin the effect.
  • The only tool you need to use is a simple tweezer. Only if you have a real problem with excess hair should you consider waxing your brows, and then you should put yourself in the hands of a professional to avoid mishaps.
  • To reduce plucking pain, some people run an ice cube over the brow first to numb the area, while others swear a smear of Vaseline helps the hairs slide out more easily. Tensing the skin with the fingers of the other hand will also make plucking easier.
  • Know when to stop! You can always go back and take a few more hairs out tomorrow if you aren't happy, but you can't put them back if you go too far.
  • A weekly tidy up is essential if your eyebrows are to always be at their best.
  • If you change your hair colour you may need to do something about your eyebrows, too: delicate blonde hair can look very strange with heavy black brows!
  • Whether you choose to wear your brows as a fine line or rather heavier, there should always be a clear and clean area between them without any stray hairs.
  • Be wary of black eyebrow pencils. Unless you're very dark-skinned, black is probably too heavy for you.
  • If aren't 'plucky' enough to shape your own eyebrows, remember that most beauty salons can offer expert advice on the shape, thickness and colour of brow that's best for you and that will bring out the beauty of the rest of your physiognomy.

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