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Whether you have a signature scent or change perfumes as often as your underwear, there is nothing quite like a spritz of something to boost your mood and envelop you into a cloud of delicious-smelling fragrance. 

But, the latest trend taking over TikTok is applying perfume before bed. In fact, it's so popular the phrase 'perfumes for bedtime' has garnered over 122.9 million views. 

Using fragrance as a means of evoking certain moods and feelings isn't a new phenomenon. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to calm or energise the body and wearing a perfume to bed could be seen as just an extension of this. 

Perhaps one of the most famous advocates for applying perfume before bed is Marilyn Monroe who once claimed that she wore nothing but Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum to bed.

Marilyn Monroe poses in a bed wearing lingerie during the shooting of her film, Some Like It Hot.© Getty
Marilyn caused a stir with her revelation

More recently it was Mona Kattan, founder of fragrance brand Kayali and sister of makeup mogul Huda Kattan, who revealed how she loves to indulge with a spritz of perfume before getting into bed and noted how she, "Can't sleep without it." 

While we respect the commitment to a beautifully odorous boudoir, we couldn't help but question the cost. Fragrances, most notably Eau de Parfums, are typically quite pricey and doesn't spritzing on your chosen scent when no one is going to be around you for 8 hours seem a little wasteful? Of course, but if your budget allows it then why not?

Is it OK to wear perfume to bed?

Wearing a fragrance whether during the day or before you hop into bed is generally considered very safe and absolutely fine to do. The only problems that could occur are when you're choosing a scent, it shouldn't disrupt your sleep. A strong, powerful fragrance can overwhelm your senses and actually have the reverse effect. Fragrance has the unique ability to evoke nostalgia too so it's recommended to choose one you associate with positive, relaxing memories.

Those with sensitive skin may also want to consider the type of ingredients in their fragrances. Just like fragranced skincare, a perfume can be irritating to those with sensitive skin as it contains alcohol among other irritants and according to dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto, "There is a small group of people who need to be careful with fragranced skin care," as well as perfume. 

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Which perfume is best for sleep?

Scents including lavender and jasmine are considered natural remedies for insomnia and plenty of scientific studies back up this theory but other warming notes like sandalwood, vanilla and saffron can have the same effect. For ultimate relaxation, we rate the ubiquitous Le Labo Santal 33 or Jo Malone London's Amber and Lavender Cologne. 

If your budget for nocturnal nosings doesn't stretch to EDP, Yardley's English Lavender Eau de Toilette or Red Temptation from Zara are more affordable options that provide an equally beautiful olfactory experience.