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Get your feet ready for summer

It'll soon be sandal time, so get ready to step out with pride!

April 6, 2011
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The days are flying by and soon it'll be time to put away your winter shoes and reach for summer sandals. But after months of being bundled into thick socks and boots, are your feet up for this sudden exposure? The sooner you start to think about getting them into shape, the more chance that you'll be able to put your best foot forward when the weather changes.


We tend to forget our feet and seldom stop to pamper them. We expect them to take us everywhere, often in the most unsuitable of footwear, and it's only if we get a blister or other problem that we even think about what's happening down at floor level.

So, here are three key points to bear in mind if you want to step out with pride this summer:

Daily hygiene: relax your feet at the end of the day with a ten-minute soak in warm water; if it's been a particularly long day, add a drop of essential oil, mint or rosemary essence to the water. Then wash with a refreshing soap and dry carefully, taking special care between the toes.

Maximum moisturiser: the daily application of moisturising cream or lotion is a perfect opportunity for a gentle massage of the soles and ankles, too. Use an exfoliant once a week and use a pumice stone or foot file on hard skin areas – but don't over-do it!

Keep nails trim: experts recommend cutting toenails straight across to prevent in-growing toenails. Finish off any irregularities and give the final shape using an emery board.

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