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18 best new perfumes for women 2024: The talked about fragrances from Jo Malone London, Tom Ford, Dior & MORE

On the hunt for the perfect perfume present for the woman in your life? 

best new perfumes for Valentine's Day - Tom Ford, Jo Malone London, KAYALI
Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Whether you're shopping for a new perfume for yourself or for a loved one, we're here to guide you on choosing the best perfume for women. 

Personal preference plays a big part in this, and obviously it's ideal to try before you buy, but some popular fragrance brands include Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Jo Malone London. It's essential to choose a fragrance that suits the person. 

Mother's Day is approaching and you might be searching for a fragrance to gift your mum or your parent figure, below you'll find some new scents that have been trending with fragrance lovers in recent months, as well as some iconic scents from Chanel and Maison Francis Kurkdjian. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find some tips on how to choose a perfume for a gift. 

How to choose a perfume for a gift

  • Think about what type of scent she likes: Consider whether she prefers floral, fruity, woody, oriental, or fresh scents. 
  • Think about the occasion: Some scents are more suitable for daytime or casual wear, while others are better for evenings or special occasions. If you're buying for someone who rarely goes out in the evenings, stick for the daytime scents. 
  • Test fragrances: You could visit a fragrance store or department store and try out different perfumes, or you could request miniatures online. 
  • Understand the notes: When testing a fragrance, first smell the top note, which is the initial scent you detect. Wait for a few minutes to allow the middle (heart) and base notes to develop, as they can be quite different.
  • Consider longevity: Pay attention to how long a fragrance lasts on your skin. Some perfumes have better longevity than others.
  • Read reviews and seek recommendations: Online reviews and recommendations from friends or family can provide valuable insights into a perfume's quality and performance.

The best new perfumes for women

  1. 1/18

    Jo Loves Pomelo

    Jo Loves Pomelo

    Jo Loves Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    Pomelo is a classic Jo Loves scents, and I think it's one that most mums would love - which is perfect as a Mother's Day fragrance. 

    Jo Malone CBE loves this scent, and says it's the fragrance that causes people to stop her in the street to ask what she's wearing.

    The fragrance is inspired by memories of summer holidays, white sandy beaches, fresh linen sheets and sparkling iced water. The grapefruit-infused citrus is sharp, refreshing, and instantly energising. If you're after a citrus scent, this is for you.

  2. 2/18

    Jo Malone London Red Hibiscus Cologne, 100ml

    Jo Malone Red Hibiscus

    Jo Malone London New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    Jo Malone London always smashes is out of the park with scents around Valentine's Day - especially with the packaging! And would you just look at this stunning red bottle! Very special indeed. 

    This scent is a sexier one for Jo Malone London. Notes of striking red hibiscus are complemented by a touch of jasmine, sambac and the sensuality of vanilla. It's sweet, but sexy.  

  3. 3/18

    Tom Ford Vanilla Sex Eau de Parfum, 50ml

    Tom Ford Vanilla Sex© TED MORRISON

    Tom Ford New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    Vanilla is one of the most sought after ingredients in perfumery and it's anything but ordinary — and far from innocent.  The Vanilla CO2 Extract instantly lures you in, while Vanilla Tincture India, exclusively developed for Tom Ford, exudes a soft sensuality. The intriguingly dark vanilla note deepens as you wear. 

    Tom Ford launched Vanilla Sex at the beginning of 2024, and if you love vanilla scents you're going to be in heaven.

  4. 4/18

    KAYALI Eden Sparking Lychee | 39

    Kayali Lychee

    Kayali New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    Mona Kattan has been described as a fragrance mastermind, and I have to agree. I've interviewed Mona a few times and the knowledge she has about perfume and scent is second-to-none. What I wouldn't give to visit her fragrance room (yes, she actually has a room in her home that's dedicated to her love of perfumes). This new scent might well be her quirkiest yet, and if you prefer the brand's more aromatic scents, it might not be up your street, but I love the 'ooh, what's that?!' quality to it. 

    The new edition to the KAYALI range is a fruity floral fragrance with a beautiful blend of lychee, blackcurrant, and candied violet. Perfect for the winter and spring season. The mix of uplifting notes instantly brighten a grey day and the sparkling cocktail of amber, vanilla and musk instil a layer of confidence. 

  5. 5/18

    Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, 100ml

    Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

    Dior Beauty New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    You can't go wrong with a Dior fragrance, and Miss Dior dominates the world of floral fragrances for women. The notes include Damascus rose, peony, Calabrian bergamot and white musks. Absolutely sensational. 

    Personalise your bottle of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet by choosing the colour of the bow and label from a selection of shades that can be combined to suit you and your style. Put the finishing touch on this customised edition with the initials of your choice embroidered on the bow.

  6. 6/18

    Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum, 100ml

    Chanel No5

    Chanel Beauty Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    I've loved this perfume for years now, and is one that I return to time and time again. This roundup of the best new perfumes for women is full of scents that are new to shelves but I wanted to include this one because it's timeless and it's almost a guaranteed success when you gift it to someone. 

    N°5 Eau de Parfum is the very essence of femininity and it's, an iconic and timeless fragrance. The powdery floral scent is housed in an iconic bottle with a minimalist design. 

  7. 7/18

    Narciso Rodriguez All Of Me Eau de Parfum

    Narciso Rogriguez All Of Me

    Narciso Rodriguez New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    If you love a classic floral fragrance, you'll love the feminine notes of floral perfumery, rose centifolia, fused with bold geranium – a traditionally masculine note. This surprising duo is combined with a heart of addictive, creamy-white musc. It has exceptional staying power, too. 

    All Of Me is the idea of femininity for a whole new generation. Having worked in close collaboration with two renowned perfumers Dora Baghriche and Daphné Bugey, the three of them worked together to create a scent that completely reinvents the floral fragrance family.

  8. 8/18

    YSL Libre L'Absolu Platine 50ML EDP


    YSL New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    This is one of those addictive fragrances that's dark and sultry but still very feminine. I would say this is a unique scent, and one that will draw in a lot of compliments from strangers on the street.  

    You'll find top notes of bergamot, mandarin, natural aldehyde as well as heart notes including orange blossom, white lavender accord and diva lavender, but it's the base notes of vanilla bourbon, and ambergris accord that make this so addicting. 

  9. 9/18

    Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia for Her Eau de Parfum 50ml

    Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia for Her Eau de Parfum 50ml

    Gucci New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    The bottle is so instagrammable and is adorned with a mesmerising flora pattern and in a captivating shade of purple.The smell is truly beautiful, it's light, floral and fresh, it also lasts pretty well. 

    Did You Know

    Miley Cyrus is the face of the #FloraFantasy collection. Perfectly matched, Miley's free, rebellious spirit is in line with this scent. 

    Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia Eau de Parfum for women is the third Gucci fragrance to join the #FloraFantasy collection. The soft and sensual scent is made up of Magnolia Essence, Dewberries Accord, and Patchouli Essence.  

  10. 10/18

    Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Toilette Spray, 50ml

    Elizabeth Arden Red Door

    Elizabeth Arden New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    Ok, so this isn't new, but it does have a whole new look. The classic scent is still the same but with just a glossy makeover. 

    Elizabeth Arden Red Door is a delicious mix of rich, rare florals, including freesia, red roses, and orchids. Honey and sandalwood set a sensual mood for a glamorous finish. A lot of people repeat buy this scent, so that speaks volumes. 

  11. 11/18

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 edp Spray 70ml

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

    TikTok Famous: Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Editor's Review

    TikTok may have lots of smell-a-likes for Baccarat Rouge, but nothing compares to the real thing - not for longevity that's for sure. This is a smash hit for a reason.

    Did You Know

    The scent is a favourite of one of the world's biggest hitmakers, Olivia Rodrigo, who sent fans across the globe into a frenzy when she recommended her go-to signature scent.

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 is named by Threadspy as the ultimate festive favourite for the women in your life, scoring 9.86 out of 10! The Baccarat Rogue 540 secures the title of the most popular women's fragrance for 2023, with a whopping 821,500 Google searches. The fragrance also gained over 588.5m stamps of approval on TikTok in the past 12 months. 

  12. 12/18

    Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum for Women, 100ml

    Burberry Goddess

    Burberry New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    A lot of fragrances are refillable these days, and that just makes life easier and more cost-effective - as well as being kinder to the planet of course. And this is a fragrance you'll want refilled because it makes for the perfect daytime scent - only vanilla lovers need apply. 

    Did You Know

    The campaign for this scent follows Sex Education star Emma Mackey and a pride of lionesses.

    Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum is a unique gourmand aromatic fragrance led by a powerful trio of vanillas. On top, a vanilla infusion with woody tonalities, at the heart a vanilla caviar with a rich sweetness, and at the base a vanilla absolute enriched with luminous lavender.

  13. 13/18

    Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush 80ml Eau de Parfum

    Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush 80ml Eau de Parfum

    Carolina Herrera New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    There are just some fragrances that are perfect to gift based on the packaging and even the name, there's just something so gift-worthy and could in fact be used as an ornament rather than a daily scent. Having said that, it's far too gorgeous not to spritz yourself with. 

    Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush Eau de Parfum is a fresh and floral explosion and it's housed in a blush-pink stiletto. Tres chic! With a double dose of vanilla and the pastel romanticism of peony - evoked with two forms of ylang ylang and upcycled rosewater, this is a strong, romantic and empowered fragrance.

  14. 14/18

    Chloé Atelier Des Fleurs Chêne Eau De Parfum 150ml

    chloe Atelier des Fleurs Chêne eau de parfum 150ml

    Chloé New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    At first sniff I loved the fragrant citrus, and the aromatic and woody scented tones - a real calming scent that lingers and gives a blissful feeling.

    Did You Know

    If you're looking for a sustainable scent, 15% of the glass from the bottle and 100% of the paper from the box are made from recycled materials. What's more, this is 100% natural-origin vegan perfume made using upcycled wood chips.

    Oak and bay leaves form a vibrant green accord, while bold notes of oak wood are intensified by earthy cedar and sandalwood. Bergamot and mandarin are in the top notes line up, revealing a woody undertone with citrusy hints, which are complemented by base notes of smoky musk and sensual vanilla.

  15. 15/18

    BDK PARFUMS Pas Ce Soir Extrait Eau De Parfum, 100ml

    BDK PARFUMS  Pas Ce Soir Extrait Eau de Parfum

    BDK PARFUMS New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    This isn't new per-se, but it's a revamp of the original and a lot more powerful. Concentrated at 30%, this more faceted creation is addictive and gourmand.

    Did You Know

    Alongside the royals that once resided within the Palais Royal district, the Parisian quarter is also home to perfume house BDK Parfums.

    Fruity, spicy and warm, Pas Ce Soir opens with black pepper and ginger, develops with sweet orange blossom and lingers with patchouli of Indonesia.

  16. 16/18

    Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Intense Eau de Parfum, 30ml

    Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Intense

    Tiffany & Co. New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    I've tried all of the Tiffany & Co. scents over the years and I think this one might be the most distinctive. A twist on Tiffany & Co.’s original Rose Gold fragrance, the Rose Gold Intense Eau de Parfum features sparkling floral facets, paired with vibrant citrus notes and warm woods. 

    A floral fragrance with notes of orange flower and patchouli, emboldened by vibrant pink pepper. Turkish rose oil drizzles adds something different and the pink sugar settles on the skin to grant scent longevity with a lasting olfactive impression.

  17. 17/18

    Marc Jacobs Perfect Collection, Collector Edition

    Marc Jacobs Perfect Collection, Perfect Marc Jacobs Charm, Collector Edition.

    Marc Jacobs New Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    There's something really comforting about a Marc Jacobs perfume. You know it'll be a good one to gift - especially if you are shopping for a late teen or early-twenties person. The bottle is aesthetically pleasing and the scent always hits the right notes without taking too many risks. This is a safe gift for someone entering the fragrance space. 

    This limited-edition fragrance features the original Marc Jacobs eau de parfum scent with a new extravagant twist on the iconic Perfect packaging. 

    The scent is a comforting floral with an addictive quality and complex yet harmonious clash of fresh floral and calming smooth accords.

    The key notes include rhubarb, cardamon, pink pepper, and cedarwood. 

  18. 18/18

    Armani Because It's You Eau de Parfum

    armani because its you perfume

    Emporio Armani Scent We Love

    Editor's Review

    From friends, colleagues to tube passengers, I always get complimented on this fragrance and I've even had airport staff ask me about it.

    Armani's Because It's You is a feminine, light and sensual scent. It features a sophisticated rose absolute, combining notes of vanilla and musk. Divine.

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