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Top harmful beauty habits to break

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It's no secret that the key to healthy hair and skin is a strong beauty routine, however it can be easy to adopt certain habits which could actually cause you damage in the long-term. We take a look at the top harmful beauty habits and how to break them…

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Don't exfoliate too much or you could damage your skin

Sleeping with your make-up on

If you don't cleanse your face before bedtime you leave traces of make-up, oil and grime which can sometimes cause a breakout as quickly as overnight. Try Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Wet Wipes to remove make-up before bed and maintain healthy skin.

Cutting cuticles

Your cuticle serves to protect you from infection, so if you cut them the area is immediately exposed to bacteria. Celebrity Nail Artist and MICRO Nail Ambassador Glenis Baptiste suggests using "lots and lots of cuticle oil" and soaking your cuticles when you get out of the bath or shower to keep them soft. Then, using a cuticle stick, gently push them back and massage in cuticle cream.

Excessive Exfoliation

Facial scrubs are an effective way of whisking away dead skin cells and giving skin a wonderful glow, but if you scrub too vigorously, or if the scrub you're using is too harsh, you can actually make your skin over-sensitive.

Picking your spots

IF you pick at you blemishes you risk spreading the bacteria to underneath the surface of the skin. Instead, combat spots with a treatment like the Witch Blemish Stick which helps to break down excess oils.

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Regularly clean your make-up brushes to avoid a build-up of dirt

Shaving too often

When you shave, hairs can often come back thicker and coarser as razors don't cut them at the root, and can sometimes leave skin irritated. Try alternative treatments such as waxing or laser hair removal.

Fiddling with your hair

Playing with your hair and constantly twisting it can cause breakage. Be especially careful touching your hair when it’s wet as it's even more fragile and will break more easily.

Having too many gel manicures

Countless trips to the salon to re-do your gel manicure can leave your nails damaged and brittle. Try buffing your nails at home with the MICRO Nail Elegance for shiny, smooth nails.

Using dirty make-up brushes

If you’re faithfully cleansing and moisturising only to follow up with a dirty powder brush, you’re painting a week’s worth of dirt and grime right back on your face. Don’t sabotage yourself and wash your brushes regularly to avoid problems like persistent irritation and breakouts.

Styling your hair with heat

Heat damages your hair, but if you can't live without your straighteners then make sure to use restorative products to ensure your tresses aren't left feeling dry and brittle. Try a hair mask to nourish and revitalize damaged hair.

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