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8 overnight face masks that work while you sleep

Wake up to glowing skin by shopping these overnight face masks....

overnight face masks
Carla Challis
Carla ChallisCommerce Partnerships Editor
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The best face masks don't just work for those one-off events, but can be used overnight to reap the benefits all night long. And if you’re struggling to get your eight-hours a night sleep or find your skin still needs a little something when you wake from your slumber, the overnight face mask is a literal dream. Think of it like a supercharged, extra potent serum or face cream that works while you sleep. 

As a self-confessed skincare fanatic, they're a part of my weekly skincare ritual. I have a few in my beauty arsenal ready to roll for whatever my skin needs that week, and I packed one on a summer holiday to keep my skin hydrated post-sun. 

What is an overnight face mask?

An overnight face mask works just like a normal face mask, but is left on overnight. Formulated with ingredients to work harder while you sleep, they're an easy to use way to boost your skin while doing nothing.

How does an overnight face mask work?

Dr Thuha Jabbar, aesthetic doctor and founder of Almas Dentistry and Aesthetics explains: "During sleep, the body goes through a process of rest and repair, and the skin's regenerative functions are heightened. Overnight skincare products aim to take advantage of this natural healing process to provide additional nourishment, hydration, and treatment for the skin."

What are the benefits of an overnight face mask?

"Overnight face masks are often formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or ceramides that provide intense hydration to the skin," explains Dr Jabbar. "Leaving the mask on overnight allows these hydrating ingredients to penetrate deeply and replenish moisture levels, resulting in plumper, more supple skin. They can also help improve skin texture, brighten the complexion, and address specific concerns like acne or dullness. Overnight face masks are typically left on the skin overnight, allowing the active ingredients to work over an extended period."

How I chose the best sleeping masks to shop

  • Ingredients: I've only included face masks designed for overnight use. Whether it's a weekly treat or a as and when needed face mask, I've only listed those specifically designed to be used while you sleep.
  • Price: You can spend a little or a lot on beauty, so whatever cash you're looking to drop, there's an overnight mask for you, your skin and your budget.
  • Personal experience: If I've tried it, it's on the list! And having been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years, there are certain brands I love, trust and that deliver every single time.
  • Verified reviews: Me and the HELLO! team haven't been able to try all of the products included, but where possible, we have. If not, I've only listed the masks with verified reviews, having combed hundreds of shopper reviews online to find the ones with the most in-depth comments, and highlighting what reviewers liked - and didn't like - about them.

Shop the best overnight face masks 

  • Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask

    Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask

    "This is the one I swear by. I've used it for years, and while I don't use it every week, if ever my skin is red, dry or generally stressed, I turn to this to sort it out. The scent is subtle, and not overpowering, but the texture is a dream - it's pillowy soft, massages into the skin beautifully and has the magic touch to heal.

    "This mask calms my skin down by morning, and has an instant cooling effect that's a welcome relief, especially if I'm having a night off from retinol. It is pricey, but a jar lasts absolutely ages - I won't be without it" - Carla Challis, Shopping Partnerships Editor.

    Rosewater, Macadamia and Evening Primrose Oil make this one luxurious mask; designed to cool, revive and hydrate the skin.

  • Origins Drink Up Overnight Hydrating Face Mask

    Origins Drink Up Overnight Hydrating Face Mask

    "Absolutely phenomenal mask," - Boots shopper.

    "This is my holy grail and I’ve gotten friends to buy one because it works so well! It’s really hydrating but not too heavy either. It really rejuvenates my skin and I wake up with a soft, hydrated face! One thing to note: it’s quite fragranced so if you have sensitive skin, defo something to bear in mind," - Boots shopper.

    Infused with Glacier Water, Hyaluronic Acid & Avocado Butter, this overnight face mask is designed to drench skin within for non-stop hydration.  

  • ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix

    ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix

    "I can't be without a jar!" says HELLO!'s Director of Lifestyle & Commerce Leanne Bayley

    Stressed skin this ELEMIS mask was made for. This clinically proven overnight treatment uses ELEMIS' Smart Drone Technology to help replenish the complexion with the aim of giving smoother-looking skin.

  • Kiehl's overnight face mask

    Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Face Mask

    "This is the absolute best. I can’t live without this truly keeps my barrier healthy and hydrated all year round" - Kiehl's shopper.

    "After reading many of the negative and positive reviews I gave it a try, and simple fell in love with it. My skin feels hydrated and soft, minimises wrinkles" - Kiehl's shopper.

    Stressed, sensitive skin hits us all at some point, and many beauty editors we know swear by keeping Kiehl's hydrating mask in their kit for those days it needs a little TLC. 

    Rumour has it it melts beautifully into your skin and evens your skin tone while you snooze.

  • 111Skin Overnight face mask

    111SKIN Molecular Hydration Mask

    "I bought this mask, despite the eye-watering price tag, as many friends in the beauty industry had sworn by it. Annoyingly, it was as good as they said - smoothing, line-reducing, redness lightening and generally gave my skin a good old refresh. Not sure what magic it has, but magic it has! Did pill somewhat, especially by morning was a little peeling, but washed off easy in the shower. Reminded me of how good my skin can look post-facial!" - Carla Challis, HELLO! Shopping Partnerships Editor.

    Promises to plump, boost radiance and hydrate skin to the max. Formulated with amino acids, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, it was created by a Harley Street cosmetic surgeon to recreate salon-grade skincare at home.

  • Clinique Overnight Mask

    Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

    "Non sticky cream, absorbs easily and very moisturising. My skin is smooth, soft and comfortable in the morning" - Boots shopper.

    "Perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin providing the right amount of moisture," - Boots shopper.

    Promising to protect skin from dehydration, plump and strengthen the skin's moisture barrier, Clinique's bestselling mask claims to leave skin calm and soothed.

  • James Read Overnight Face mask

    James Read Sleep Mask Overnight Tan

    "This gives you a really natural sun-kissed glow! I didn't think it worked at first as I woke up the first few times still pretty pale but it continues to develop throughout the day after application. Only con is it doesn't buildup on itself very much" - Sephora shopper.

    "The first time I used it i was noticeably tanned the next day. I have white sheets and it did not stain what soever. The gel is very soothing, dries quickly and does not make my skin oily" - Sephora shopper.

    This two in one overnight face mask builds up a gradual tan while using skin-hydrating ingredients to moisturise your face while you sleep.

  • Aurelia Overnight Recovery Face Mask

    Aurelia Overnight Recovery Mask

    "It hydrates my skin, reduces redness and inflammation of spots overnight. I mostly use it once a week to hydrate and give my skin a nice glow," LOOKFANTASTIC shopper.

    Creamy, rich and packed with probiotics, this overnight recovery mask is geared to protect skin against external aggressors that cause irritation.

    Full of goodness like vitamins A, E and B as well as calcium, iron, zinc and more, it's recommended for use before bed to awaken with a healthy glow.


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