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Short hairstyles: 24 ideas for some serious 2023 inspiration

Considering the chop? Check out these stylish short hairstyles…

Lucy Hale with her hair in a bob with sharp side parting
Orin Carlin
Orin CarlinContent Writer
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Currently curbing the urge to do something drastic with your hair? Good news: there's no need to hold back because short hairstyles are everywhere this year.

Whether you're marking the beginning of a major life chapter, scaling back your layers to show off your features or merely welcoming some respite from an extensive blow dry routine, there are plenty of short cuts to consider right now.

From Hailey Bieber's super sleek box bob to Jenna Ortega's shaggy lob, some of our current celebrity hair crushes are getting in on the shorter length action – meaning that you'll find yourself in excellent company if you do decide to go for the chop.  

Hello! Fashion shares the hottest short hairstyles to consider in 2023:

1. Stacked bob  

Beyoncé with a stacked bob © Getty
Beyoncé has previously championed the triangular style

 The stacked bob features graduated layers, cut shorter at the nape of the neck and longer around the face. "This style is a triangular silhouette that works best on textured or curly hair," hairstylist and trend forecaster Tom Smith tells Hello! Fashion. "Cutting a blunt horizontal line that allows the curls to stack up creating a triangular silhouette really shows off the beauty of natural curls as they are shown in contrast with a strong silhouette and a structured shape."

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2. French bob

Girl sporting French bob and winged liner © Instagram / @taylorlashae
The French bob requires minimal styling

Embrace your bubbling Francophile tendencies with a jaw-length bob featuring a short fringe. "The French bob is great on textured or wavy hair, it's a precision cut that gets its personality from being worn with your natural messy texture," Tom explains. "Very wash-and-wear, it's a super low-maintenance style, but does need to be trimmed every six weeks." The upkeep means that you will save time on the day-to-day styling, because the strong shape should just fall into place.

3. Banged bob

Kerry Washington with a choppy friend and tendrils down by the sides of her face © Instagram / @kerrywashington
The banged bob keeps layers to a minimum

This textured, longer style represents the progression of the French bob with a greater focus on the bangs. "Layers are kept to a minimum and a sharp right angle connects the fringe and bob length. The shorter the fringe, the bolder the result," Tom says. "The beauty of such a strong haircut is that it works equally as well blow-dried and straightened as it does left to dry naturally. A leave-in texture cream such as Evo's Liquid Rollers will encourage natural texture and eliminate fluff or frizz."

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4. Polished lob

Lea Michele wearing her long bob with the ends smoothed inwards © Getty
Lea Michele often wears her long bob with the ends smoothed inwards

This precision cut is great for medium to thick hair and has a certain ultra-luxe appeal. The best way of styling the polished lob? "Give yourself a smooth blow dry using Evo's Lockdown Leave-in Treatment and use a round brush to style the ends slightly inwards," according to Tom.

5. Sharp bob

Lucy Hale with her hair in a bob with sharp side parting © Getty
Lucy Hale styled hers with a crisp side parting

A chin-length sharp bob works well on straighter or medium-fine hair types as it encourages thickness and looks well high impact. It works well with a middle or side parting and Tom recommends that it should be styled straight or with a minimal kink. "Ask your stylist for a precision haircut that sits around your chin length," he says. "Style this by using your straightening irons just on the last couple of inches of the length to give the sharpness to the edge while retaining volume and movement overall. You can also tuck one side behind your ear for a more styled look."

6. Midi-flick bob

Jenna Ortega with her hair in a midi-flick style© Getty
Jenna Ortega is queen of the midi-flick

Reluctant to commit to a classic bob? Bend the rules with the midi-flick style, featuring sweepy bottleneck bangs and textured layers to provide a sense of movement. "Ask your stylist for your length to be cut above your collarbone and kept blunt, adding a soft bottleneck bang and face framing 'shag'-style layers without losing the solidity of the bob line," Tom says. "This length will naturally flick out on the neckline - this is very cool at the moment and ties into the ‘cosy girl’ aesthetic, so embrace the 'flickyness' and style with texture."

7. Botticelli bob  

Laura Harrier's in a black jumper with her short hair curled © Instagram / @lauraharrier
Laura Harrier's curls are providing us with some major Botticelli bob inspo

The trend for ruffled, Renaissance-inspired waves has now evolved into a shorter, sharper winter version. "The slightly triangular silhouette is fantastic for rounder and more square face shapes, and can be adjusted with a middle or side parting depending on preference and suitability," Tom says. "The key here is no layers. Keep the length blunt and straight and allow your natural waves or curls to be free and fluffy."

8. Bullet bob

Before her viral buzzcut, Florence Pugh rocked a bullet bob © Getty
Before her viral buzzcut, Florence Pugh rocked a bullet bob

"We’ve seen the mullet, wolf, shag cut, so what’s next? I predict the 'Bullet' Bob will be 2023’s biggest focus for shorter hair," Tom says. "This haircut is an evolution of the wolf cut/mullet/shag styles that have been building over the last 18 months and rather than returning to a classic bob shape, this mid-length haircut has had a 'mullet' inspired makeover incorporating outgrown curtain bangs with a layered bob shape. The 'two-layer' cut has the balance of a mullet (longer and heavier toward the back) but retains texture and detail around the face."

9. Hollywood bob

Lily James wearing her hair in a Hollywood bob at the Golden Globes © Getty
Lily James wore her hair in a Hollywood bob at the Golden Globes

Defined by a deep side parting, flipped fringe and smooth edges, this style has "all the romance and elegance of classic Hollywood glamour but with an edge, provided by the sharp shoulder skimming shorter length," according to Tom. "Ask your stylist for a long bob cut on a side parting with no layers. A long sweeping fringe, cut to be flipped over will help get that elegant volume at the front. This style works fantastically with some of the latest blow-drying tools – check out Dyson's Airwrap, Shark's FlexStyle and other hot brushes to help you achieve this bouncy, blown-out finish."

10. Curtain cut

Kim Kardashian with platinum hair in a curtain cut © Instagram / @kimkardashian
Embrace your inner 90s boyband bro

The curtain cut is extremely flattering in the way it frames the face, "particularly for those with a longer or leaner neck due to the crisp contrast between the horizontal line of the haircut and the long vertical necklines," according to Tom. "To keep the edges of this cut crisp and sharp use a straightening iron (my go-to is by Cloud Nine which has an easy-to-use temperature control to adjust to your needs) and slightly turn the ends under and toward the face. The trick here is smooth slow movements – if you don’t get it perfect straight away, let the section cool before trying again."

11. Classic pixie

Emma Watson wearing her hair in a pixie cut © Getty
Emma Watson is the pixie poster girl

Subversive and androgynous or soft and ethereal, the pixie can be adapted to suit your individual aesthetic. "This cult classic rightfully finds itself among the current hottest short hairstyles," says celebrity session stylist Alice Theobald "For styling, I recommend you use a heat protection product such as Sam McKnight's Save The Do Blow Dry Style Starter and an extra small brush like Denman's Head Hugger. To enhance the movement, finish with Morgan's Pomade Texture Balm for a soft natural separated finish."

12. Short wolf 

Model with her blonde hair in wolf cut  © Instagram / @rodankersalons
The aptly named wolf style has a slightly wild air

The canine-inspired layered chop is still set to be big for 2023. "Spritz a root booster throughout your locks like Sam McKnight's Cool Girl Superlift Volumising Spray and blow dry using a diffuser attachment and small circular movements on a medium setting," Alice advises. "Go in with a curling tong, flipping out irregular sections if you desire extra movement, and finally enhance the texture with a couple of pumps of Morgan’s Pomade Volume Powder directed into the roots."

13. Rounded bob

Michelle Williams' rounded bob looks soft and chic © Getty
Michelle Williams' rounded bob looks soft and chic

A glossy bob with a round silhouette works really well when your hair is a nourished and healthy. "Before styling, applying a hair mask such as Wella’s Professional Nioxin Deep Repair version is always a good idea," Alice advises. "Protect your mane with heat protection spray and blow dry your locks, directing the nozzle down the hair shaft to smooth and seal the natural shine. Using Matador’s pintail comb, find the middle parting and tuck the sides behind your ears, leaving face framing side slices."

14. The bixie

Girl with bixie haircut © Instagram / @rowanblanchard
The bixie sits somewhere between the bob and the pixie

This style blends the classic pixie with a slightly longer length – guaranteed to "seriously raise your cheekbone game", according to Alice. "Blast your hair until it is around 50% dry, add the nozzle to your hair dryer then flick the hair up at the back and first side section, continue rolling the brush under for the inner sections."

15. Short shag

The short shag haircut © Instagram / @parlourhair
The short shag adds depth to fine hair

A cool cut packed with textured shaggy layers, the short shag works best with some movement. "Comb through L’ANZA’s Design Foam, and using the nozzle on your hairdryer, direct the hair onto the face for the fringe section and ruffle using fingers," Alice says. "Swap the nozzle for a diffuser and create some movement using Drybar’s The 3-Day Bender Curling Iron on random sections. Finish with Morgan’s Pomade Volume Powder and piece it out with your fingers for a matte, voluminous textured result."

16. Shaggy pixie

Model with shaggy pixie haircut © Instagram / @latesthair
The shaggy pixie is all about the fuss-free vibe

With choppy layers at its core, the shaggy pixie is great if you’re all about the low-maintenance vibe. After applying a strong-hold mousse, blast the hair until it’s half dry and separate out some inch-sized sections. "Using a small round ceramic brush, blow dry the hair and direct it forward to frame the face," Alice advises. "When it is completely dry, apply a heat protection spray, and go in hot brush to softly piece out flick the face framing, finishing with a mist of strong hairspray."

17. Pixie mullet

Model with her hair in a pixie mullet © Instagram / @marco_firriolo
This style lends itself to the slightly messy look

Razored within an inch, this super short mullet is all about the texture. "Apply a voluminous mousse to freshly washed hair and blow dry using a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. Add texture using a small round brush – I like to tweak the look by going in with an iron to boost the dishevelled, undone look by taking random sections and piecing them out with a flick," Alice says.

18. Box bob

Hailey Bieber with her hair in a box bob © Getty
The supermodel switched things up with a box bob earlier this year

Hailey Bieber's box bob inspired a wave of chops earlier this year, and for excellent reason. The clue's in the name, the boxy shape features a high impact, blunt finish and absolutely no graduation. The style is great for finer hair as it can add the illusion of increased thickness.

19. Slick pixie

Bella Hadid with a pixie haircut © Getty
Bella Hadid debuted a dramatic new look at the Met Gala in 2019

The slick pixie is great if you're wanting to exude a touch of vintage glam. Bella Hadid rocked the style a few years ago, harking back to the subversive La Garçonne look of the 1920s. Style yours swept over to one side, with angular sideburns.

20. Curved bob

Jourdan Dunn with her hair in a curved bob © Getty
Curved bobs are high impact

The curved bob is super similar to the round bob, only this style has a subtler difference in length between the outer and face-framing lengths for a more oval rather than circular overall effect.

21. Micro fringe moment  

Emma Roberts previously rocked a mini fringe © Getty
Emma Roberts previously rocked a mini fringe

Not for the fainthearted, the micro fringe can be pretty arresting. Finishing anywhere from halfway down the forehead and above, these bold bangs are guaranteed to make an impact and, on dark, glossy locks, have a slightly retro air.

22. Hepburn homage 

Zoë Kravitz with micro bangs © Getty
Zoë Kravitz's look felt strongly reminiscent of one iconic Old Hollywood actress

Audrey Hepburn's side-swept micro bangs proved that a shorter fringe didn't have to mean super edgy, and modern day screen star Zoë Kravitz followed suit this side of the century with a look that focused on separation.

23. Boyband bleach

Iris Law with eyebrow slits and short platinum hair © Getty
Iris Law is our current short hair style crush

This one might not have caught on just yet, but there's no denying that It-girl Iris Law's platinum, undone crop feels categorically cool. The middle parting feels super 90s and it works harmoniously alongside her slitted brows. 

24. Choppy cub

Mia Regan with her hair cut choppily© Getty
Mia Regan is unafraid of hair experimentation

Uncomplicated and free-spirited, the suitably named 'cub' is a shorter, edgier version of the wolf cut. It has a sharper feel, plus a slight air of grunge when paired with dark smudgy liner à la model Mia Regan.

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