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Taylor Swift's appearance at the latest Kansas City Chiefs game was perhaps not only a show of support for her new boyfriend Travis Kelce, but may have been a subtle nod to the interplay between fashion and superstition in sports. 

Gracing the stands, she was spotted with the Heirloom Ring in Garnet from Mejuri, a piece that perfectly echoed the Chiefs' red and black hues. It wasn't just a stylish accessory; it was a statement piece that aligned with a longstanding tradition of sports fans (and players alike) donning specific jewelry and colors believed to bring good luck to their teams.

The ring, a blend of timeless elegance and modern sensibility, features a bold garnet stone set in a delicate gold frame, which made it a standout addition to Swift's fan-core ensemble. Its presence at the game was no mere coincidence. Garnet, a gemstone known for its rich, deep red color, has been associated with vitality, high energy, and protection — qualities that any football team would welcome on game day. The selection of this particular stone may have been Swift's personal way of channeling positive energy to her NFL playing boyfriend, and his teammates. "Garnet was believed to have powerful healing and magical properties," explains Alpay Turfan at jewellery brand Latelita, "The ancient Greeks associated the gemstone with Demeter, the goddess of fertility, believing it could protect pregnant women and give them strength throughout their time in labour."

Taylor Swift wore a garnet ring from Canadian label Mejuri© Maddie Meyer
Taylor Swift wore a garnet ring from Canadian label Mejuri

Sports and superstitions have been intertwined for as long as the games have been played. Athletes often adhere to pre-game rituals or wear specific articles believed to influence the outcome positively. Fans, too, partake in this tradition, wearing lucky jerseys, hats, or jewelry like Swift's ring. The idea is that these items can somehow sway the odds in favor of their team, a belief held in the hearts of many despite the rational knowledge that the outcome rests in the hands of the players and their performance.

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Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift cheer while watching the Kansas City Chiefs play the New England Patriots © Kathryn Riley
Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift cheer while watching the Kansas City Chiefs play the New England Patriots

Swift's fashion choice, therefore, was more than just an aesthetic decision. As the Chiefs battled on the field, her ring served as a symbol of support and a stylish accessory that seamlessly fused her personal style with the team's colors.

Whether these superstitions hold any real power is a debate for another day, but for now, it's clear that fashion and sports can coexist, both on the field and in the stands, in the most stylish ways possible. A game's outcome can only be noted in the scores, but Swift's ring will be remembered for its elegance in the stands.