Changing Rooms' Linda Barker tells story of emotional off-air moment

She revealed that it wasn't caught on camera

Rachel Avery

Changing Rooms was an iconic show that frequented our TV screens throughout the 90s and early 00s. One moment that stands out is the teapot episode, where a teapot collector's prized possessions were tragically broken. Designer Linda Barker has now revealed the "very poignant moment" that we didn't see on screen, where she personally apologised for the disaster.   

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In a flurry of paint, wallpaper and flamboyant decorations, the teams would make over people's homes – and the reactions were priceless. Linda Barker, one of the interior designers would often receive joyful praise for her dramatic overhauls however, it didn’t always go to plan...

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WATCH: The shocking moment when Changing Rooms' Linda saw the broken teapots 

The legendary episode that's replayed time and time again has to be the 'teapot episode' where Linda decided to display a prized collection of teapots on a floating shelf - a floating shelf that didn't stay up, and the teapots dramatically smashed. Speaking exclusively to HELLO! about that fateful day, Linda revealed a very emotional moment that took place off camera.

Her memory of that particular makeover is crystal clear: "I remember it incredibly well… it was really bad." She went on to explain: "It happened right at the end of the second day, we were almost ready to wrap up."

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"I had no idea teapots could break into such small pieces," Linda said. "Not one teapot broke into four prices that we could glue back together - they were in pieces - and so were we."

Linda took the decision to go and personally apologise to the teapot collector and she explained: "We didn’t film that because it was a very poignant moment."

With no cameras around, Linda confessed: "I said I have something terrible to tell you and she said please tell me you haven’t killed the cat and I said no, but you better sit down, I’ve broken all of your teapot collection."


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Linda Barker shares a throwback to her Changing Rooms days

Designer Linda admits: "I was genuinely distraught, and it was awful to have that sadness on set." But luckily, the woman who collected the teapots was "absolutely understanding" about the terrible situation.

Linda's time on Changing Rooms does, of course, also bring her fond memories and in the interview, she reminisced about her very first makeover on the show. Amazingly, the interior design technique she used on her first ever episode has stood the test of time, as she has replicated it in her own home.


Linda is currently renovating her 201-year-old home

She explained: "I used an overhead projector to project onto the wall and trace around it. I painted this huge calligraphy script. It is something I still do now, and I've done it in my bedroom. I basically painted my own wallpaper in lockdown, because I couldn’t get my hands on any."

Changing Rooms is being rebooted and returns to our screens in the spring on Channel 4.

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