Lorraine Kelly shares peek into her beautiful garden that's ready for spring

Spring has sprung!

Lorraine Kelly

Spring is well and truly in the air and it's making Lorraine Kelly feel as positive as ever. In her weekly HELLO! column, the TV star talks about gardening as her escapism and how she's trying to stay as optimistic as ever as lockdown gradually eases. Read her diary below…

As well as having a Spring clean of the house, including all of my cupboards (even the scary one under the sink), I've also been giving our little garden a bit of a sort out. I've cleared leaves, twigs and also found rather a lot of Angus's toys that have been chewed to bits and left outside in the rain.

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I've also been weeding, which is something I really enjoy once I get started. There's a real sense of achievement to see those neat and tidy flowerbeds, although I'm sure that I am guilty of pulling out as many flowers and shrubs as weeds.

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WATCH: Lorraine Kelly revamps her garden for spring

It's also lovely to just get outside for a while. I tend to pop in my earphones and listen to some uplifting music and really feel a sense of escapism.

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It's good to get away from all that's going on in the world and give myself a break from hearing about the pandemic. Obviously, I need to be across what's going on, as we cover the latest Covid news on my show in the morning, but all of us need to focus on other things too or it just gets overwhelming.

We've been making a really conscious effort on the show every day to obviously reflect the latest on vaccines and restrictions, but trying wherever possible to find some light and optimism.

There is a sense anyway with Spring in the air that things will start to improve. With the clocks going forward this weekend the nights will get lighter and that always feels as though we are leaving the winter blues behind us.

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Going to work in the early hours of the morning when it's no longer cold and dark also lifts my spirits along with those spring flowers in my newly neat and tidy garden which look and smell so beautiful. There's nothing like a burst of yellow daffodils to make you feel better.

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