The waxwork of the jazz sensation is so lifelike it looked as though Amy had joined her parents at the Madame Tussaud's unveling
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The figure's beehive took ten weeks to make - double the amount of time usually required to prepare a figure's crowning glory
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Amy's parents Janis and Mitch show off their model daughter

23 JULY 2008
The beehive alone took ten weeks to create, not to speak of her sailor tattoos and distinctive eye makeup. And the effect was such that when Madame Tussauds in London presented its statue of Rehab star Amy Winehouse, onlookers would have found it hard to believe it wasn't her in real life.

The singer's parents Mitch and Janis were on hand to unveil the likeness of their daughter, which took a total of four months to make, with the finishing touches only added on Monday.

Although Amy wasn't able to pose for the waxwork herself - meaning the statue was based on photos and images taken at concerts - her dad is impressed by how lifelike the waxwork is. "It's just like she's been frozen in full song," he reveals. "It is really surreal to stand alongside her."

Grammy-winning Amy joins 375 other celebrities featured at the tourist attraction.