Michael's mum wins temporary custody of the kids as search for will goes on


Katherine Jackson – the mum of late pop icon Michael – has been granted temporary custody of her three grandchildren. The 79-year-old has been given the go-ahead to care for them until August 3.

When the deadline arrives she will put forward her case to be the legal guardian of the youngsters, 12-year-old Prince Michael, Paris Katherine, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II.

The Thriller singer's mother has also filed court papers to take control of her son's complicated estate.

Custody arrangements were sorted out on Monday during what is likely to be the first of many court hearings following the singer's death.

The Jackson family have said there is still no sign of a will, making legal proceedings necessary to deal with Michael's assets, debts and care of his children.

According to the petition signed this week, it's "not known at this time" whether Debbie Rowe - the mother of the two elder children – will be seeking custody.

Experts have said the former nurse has the strongest legal claim to the kids, though she has reportedly said she'd be happy with increased access rather than taking on full care.

There's also a possibility that the mother of Prince Michael II, believed to be a surrogate from Europe, could come forward to try and claim the child.

The children are listed as living at the Jackson's family compound in the San Fernando Valley in LA, and also states: "They have a long established relationship with their paternal grandmother and are comfortable in her care.

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