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HELLO! celebrates achieving ESGmark® certification

HELLO! is incredibly proud to be the first UK publisher to be awarded the ESGmark® certification for making planet positivity a central and ongoing focus

HELLO! celebrates ESGMark
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Doing more to benefit the planet and our community is always on our radar, but can often fall to the bottom of the list – life just gets in the way. But according to the Office of National Statistics, more than 85% of us are worried about climate change and worry that we will be directly affected by it in the near future. 

Also, on balance, we are feeling less satisfied and less happy than we were last year. People report feeling lonelier and more anxious, but there has been an increase in community action with more people volunteering more often, providing unpaid help to groups and clubs. 

At HELLO! we are incredibly proud of our heritage as a positive, supportive and community-minded brand, and in the last few years we have focused our efforts in using the strength of our brand to support community-orientated projects, such as the Menopause Pledge and HELLO! Happiness

But we know that we can do always more. As a brand and as a collective of people, we know that as we create HELLO!, we can have an impact that affects the environment, the community we work in and the broader community of the HELLO! audience. 

So, as a long-term commitment, we have pledged action to minimise our impact on the environment and to help us with this, we have started working with ESGmark®. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG objectives support organisations to contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development goals. ESGmark® uses these three lenses to evaluate how organisations are making a positive difference – from tackling the climate crisis to promoting a fair society for all. 

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HELLO! is incredibly proud to be the first UK publisher to be awarded the ESGmark® certification. We have been recognised for making planet positivity a central and ongoing focus of the UK HELLO! brand. This is a hugely important milestone on HELLO!’s journey towards planet positivity and receiving the ESGmark® certification is just the beginning. HELLO! will continue to work with ESGmark® on a measurable roadmap to implement structural change towards a net-zero, community-minded future.  

We hope that we can inspire you to make similar changes in your own communities – whether that’s using less water, being an active member of your neighbourhood or simply supporting others as they take these important steps. Small changes can make a huge difference when we all participate as one. 

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