22 NOVEMBER 2007

It was just too much to resist. When Prince Philip happened across a TV journalist filming a report in Malta, he couldn't pass up the chance to make his own cheeky contribution.

As ITN's Romilly Weeks spoke to the camera about the Duke of Edinburgh's "romantic gesture" of taking the Queen to the Mediterranean destination for their 60th wedding anniversary, she was unaware that the Prince himself was standing behind her, listening closely with a glint in his eye.

But it wasn’t until she she signed off the piece that Philip, who was on a walkabout, saw his chance. "Finished?" he asked loudly. Romilly spun around and, seeing who was responsible for the practical joke, burst out laughing.

The desired effect achieved, the playful 86-year-old walked away roaring with mirth to join his wife as they spoke to well-wishers in Valletta. The couple spent an overnight visit on the island, where they enjoyed two blissful years as young newlyweds, before moving onto Uganda for the Commonwealth summit.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The 86-year-old Prince seized the chance to play a practical joke when he happened across a journalist filming a report while on a walkabout in MaltaPhoto: © AFPClick on photo to enlarge