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Sarah Ferguson: If it wasn't for Prince Andrew, I would be homeless

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Sarah Ferguson has said that she wouldn't have a home were it not for the generosity of her ex-husband Prince Andrew.In the first episode of Finding Sarah - a new six part US series for Oprah Winfrey's TV channel - the Duchess admitted that she owes her ongoing lifestyle to Andrew, who allows her to live in a wing of his official residence, Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park."If I didn’t have him, I'd be homeless," she said of her former spouse, adding that she is "continually on the verge of bankruptcy".


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Sarah is reportedly being paid £200,000 for the series which sees her take part in a number of emotional interviews and sessions with TV counsellors and experts.During filming with financial adviser Suze Orman, she admitted that her gilded lifestyle with Andrew means she "really doesn't understand finances at all""When we got divorced I just had to get on with it but… I didn’t understand things about money, probably because I never had to," she said.Those financial worries, said Sarah, imploded when she was caught offering access to Andrew for cash by a British newspaper.


"I lost all my jobs, I lost all my staff, I lost everything. I had a home before but could not afford to keep it," she said, adding that she was focused on repaying her debts before looking for a house of her own.Sarah's daughters Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice also gave a rare interview together to discuss the scandal.Revealing that she was the one who broke news of the sting to Sarah, Beatrice said: "I found out in a text message from her publicist. I passed her my telephone and she read the message. It was quite a shock."The 22-year-old said the "hardest part" was "watching somebody that you love so much go through something this hurtful and then not be able to do anything about it."Her younger sister added that neither of them had ever watched the video clip, but said both had been inundated with messages from friends.


Sarah also took part in an emotional on-screen therapy session with TV psychiatrist Dr Phil McGraw for the show, during which she was branded "emotionally bankrupt"."You are depressed, you are anxious, you have self-hatred," he said.The Duchess agreed, adding: "I'm disgusting and completely pointless. I'm 51 and I have no self-worth."At points in the programme, barefaced Sarah is filmed walking through the countryside and staring into space on a beach in Los Angeles. In a preview of the next show, she is seen standing on a rock in the desert shouting out 'Why?' at the top of her voice.

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