Flower power: Camilla diffuses toddler tantrum on summer tour with Charles

It was a potentially embarrassing moment involving a little girl and a bouquet of flowers.

But the Duchess of Cornwall calmly averted a toddler tantrum as she continued her summer tour of Wales with Prince Charles.

Little Ffion Keany was proudly introduced to the friendly royal by her mother.



In her hand, the 22-month-old clutched a beautiful bunch of colourful sweet peas for Camilla.

But when it came to handing them over, the tot had a change of heart.

As the Duchess reached out to accept the bouquet, Ffion desperately hung on the gift and began to cry when her mum intervened and handed it over.

A grandmother-of-five with plenty of hands-on experience, Camilla diffused the situation by picking a single stem from the bunch and giving it back to Ffion with a big smile, saying: "This is for you".


The encounter took place of the third day of the royal couple's summer tour to Wales.

Hundreds of people turned out to see Charles and Camilla as they visited seaside resort town of Abraeron.

There, they sampled a number of locally-produced foods, including chips and ice cream.

At the New Celtic fish and chip shop, the Prince signed a plate before he and his wife enjoyed some samples, freshly cooked from locally grown potatoes.


They then moved on to a farmer's market where Charles drunk beer – a chocolate stout - from Pen Lon cottage brewery and some Saval cheese.

The couple were also treated to some entertainment from harpist Nest Jenkins, 13, and a choir from Aberaeron primary school.

Nest, who has been playing the harp for five years, proudly told the BBC: “The Prince said to me that if he ever wanted a harpist, he’d remember me.”