Prince Harry jokes about getting Prince George to run a marathon

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a little walker on their hands and soon Prince George could be a runner — if it's up to his uncle, Prince Harry.

Looks like Prince George will be a future marathoner Photo: Getty Images

On Sunday, for his first engagement of the year, Harry arrived to Twickenham Stadium to watch about 60 out of 150 participants who are training on behalf of his, William and Kate’s charities for the London marathon, which is taking place on April 26.

Harry met with 60 of the 150 participants racing for his, William and Kate's charities Photo: Getty Images

Harry is a patron of the annual sporting event and thanked the runners for supporting organizations that hold a special place in his heart. He also joked that though he might not partake, maybe his nephew will race one day.

The Prince watched as runners did some exercises around the field Photo: Getty Images

Jane Fishwick, who will be running in the 26.2 mile race for Rugby Union’s Injured Players Foundation, which helped her family after her son Jack, 27, was paralyzed from the waist down in a devastating accident playing rugby for Wimbledon, was able to chat with the 30-year-old Prince.

After, the 59-year-old shared that the topic of conversation was George. She explained to reporters, “I suggested he might like to run one and he said there’s a little bit of a problem there because he and William and Kate would all come under fire to do it if one of them does it.”

Jane Fishwick suggested George run in place of his parents and uncle Photo: Getty Images

She continued, “So then I suggested maybe they might like to train George up in good time and maybe they might like to hand the mantle on and he said he thought that might be a good idea. He said they could push him round.”

Harry looked on with 5-year-old Harrison Hogg Photo: Getty Images

Better get those running shoes ready, George.