Prince William encourages guests at the Tusk Trust gala to 'drink up'

Prince William is quite the working dad! He attended yet another engagement on Thursday night, this time leading the celebration for the conservation charity Tusk Trust at Windsor Castle. Swapping diaper duty for dapper duty, the 32-year-old left wife Kate Middleton at home with newborn Princess Charlotte and donned a tuxedo for the event held at his grandmother Queen Elizabeth's castle.

Prince William looked like Prince Charming in his tuxedo Photo: Getty Images

Although he came solo, the Duke of Cambridge had plenty of company with 300 guests in attendance including singer Katherine Jenkins and British comedian Rory Bremner. Katherine, who is expecting her first child, has performed for members of the royal family on a number of occasions, but this time was able to introduce her American husband to the Prince. Katherine and Andrew Levitas looked delighted as they spent time talking to new dad-of-two William at the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Tusk Trust.

Katherine Jenkins introduced her husband to William Photo: Getty Images

In an impassioned speech, the Prince told his guests that the charity is as much about helping "the great charismatic animals that roam Africa, the elephants, rhino, lions and so on…" as it is "the people of Africa who must be cared for too."

"I am hugely proud to be Royal Patron of Tusk Trust – a position I've now had for ten years, longer than any other position I've held bar one," he said, praising the charity, led by CEO Charlie Mayhew, for raising "£25million in 25 years in support of over 100 projects, protecting 36 different endangered and critically endangered species."

He went on to say that the charity has "built and refurbished 30 schools, now attended by over 72,000 children" and "Tusk has supported 450 game guards in 30 conservancies."

William gave a passionate speech about his charity Photo: Getty Images

William hoped to raise even more money for the anniversary year and joked with guests that special wine vintages had been chosen "that encourage generous donations, so please don't prove them wrong."

Conservation is one cause that has been close to William's heart since leaving the military. He launched United for Wildlife in 2014 and is instilling his love of animals in his son Prince George even decorating his room with an African theme.

"I'll have toy elephants and rhinos around the room," William told CNN in 2013. "We'll cover it in, you know, lots of bushes and things like that. [We'll] make him grow up as if he's in the bush."

William designed Prince George's room with an African theme Photo: Getty Images

The event was part of a busy week for William who also handed out awards on behalf of the Queen, met with England's women's soccer team and flew to Switzerland for his other charity United for Wildlife.

The Prince is set to spend the next week off with Kate and his two children before returning to his job as an air ambulance pilot on June 1.

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